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This document has been classified as Red Clearance. Citizens of Infrared Clearance reading this document should report to the nearest Termination Centre immediately. Stay Happy!

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What follows has been broken up into three main sections:

What's it all about?

    If you have no idea what Paranoia is all about, start here. This should hopefully explain some of the background for you so that you will understand some of the stuff you encounter in the Red Clearance section.

Red Clearance

    This section is meant for players.  It's a bit empty right now, but I hope to include contributions from players in the future.  You see, the trouble with doing web pages for Paranoia is that most of the really good stuff is for Game Masters only.  I think it's about time the players had somewhere to voice their opinions about the game.

Ultraviolet Clearance

    This section is meant for Game Masters only. Yes I know that many players read the Ultraviolet section of the rulebook, but reading these pages may seriously damage your enjoyment if you have a GM who has access to the internet. These pages will, I hope, provide Game Masters with tried-and-tested ideas for missions, equipment and other stuff.

Transtube to other sectors

    ACX Sector
      Dan Stoneley's Paranoia site.
    BOT Sector
      Michael Martin's Scrubots game.
    JPR Sector
      JParanoia, The Internet Paranoia RPG Solution
    FND Sector
      Netfinder USA's Paranoia area.
    JSH Sector
      Paranoia meets Call of Cthulhu.
    MAN Sector
      Parody-U-MAN's Paranoia site.
    PBM Sector
      Paranoia by email.  Currently still under construction.
    RCH Sector
      Richard Roberts' Paranoia site.
    RLF Sector
      Ralf Anders' Paranoia site (in German).
    RPG Sector
      A discussion group for Paranoia.  Quite a few Paranoia enthusiasts frequent this area.
    RTH Sector
      Rith's Paranoia site.
    TOD Sector
      Todd Schmitt's Paranoia site.
    TNS Sector
      A largely content-free Paranoia site.
    TRV Sector
      Dragon's Trove - suppliers of those hard-to-find Paranoia books.
    YHU Sector
      Yahoo's Paranoia area.
    WEG Sector
      West End Games - former makers of Paranoia.
    ZLL Sector's Paranoia area.

Submissions, suggestions, Tacnuke coordinates, etc...

    The author of these pages can be contacted by sending email to:

Acknowledgements and thanks...

  • West End Games for creating the game in the first place.
  • Alex Boughton for introducing me to it.
  • Alex Boughton (again), Dave Barker, Kevin Miller, Richard Birch, Karen Banks, Matt and James Sullivan for wanting to play the game (and for asking me to run some more missions for them).
  • Ben Matasar and Greg Bougg for letting me use some of their material in the Ultraviolet section of these pages.
  • Christian Schfer, Dan Stoneley, Geoff Gander, Todds, The Motive, James Renken, Kurt Schiller, Joshua Moretto, Michael C Martin, Alex Mora, Gastón Flores, Peter Vogel, Joab Stieglitz, Ben Russell-Gough, DJ Hird, Matias Tapiovaara, Magnus Ytterstad and Matt Kehl for their contributions to the Ultraviolet section.
  • Dragon's Trove for having some of the more elusive Paranoia books in stock.
  • Anne Callery at Yahoo UK for helping me get this site added to Yahoo.

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