About CRD Sector

(Steve Criddle)

CRD Sector is a fairly average Paranoia sector.  It is run using a mixture of Second and Fifth Edition rules.  It started out as Second Edition, and when West End Games released the Fifth Edition Rulebook we incorporated some of the best bits into our world.  (Read: The GM couldn't be bothered to learn the new combat/skill system).

The Secret Societies in CRD Sector are from the Second Edition too.  This GM believes in "if it isn't broken, don't fix it".  (Unlike R&D, who believe in "if it isn't broken, add more features").

The Memomax is in use in CRD Sector.  This means that (provided there is enough brain tissue available from the previous clone) a replacement clone will remember what his predecessor knew.  (Of course the Memomax does sometimes scramble things a bit, but that's all part of the fun of Paranoia).

Skill checks are still made using a D20 and multiplying or dividing the attribute value.  We felt this was simpler than constantly referring to a check table.  We still have to use a lookup table when checking for damage during combat, but that doesn't seem to be too much of a problem.

Unlike some sectors, CRD Sector doesn't contain elements which can kill clones just for the sake of it (for example, an elevator which opens straight into the fusion reactor if you press the F button).  Clones are perfectly capable of killing themselves (and each other) without this sort of thing, so it's not really needed.  My reasoning is that no matter how stupid a bureaucracy becomes, it is never likely to become that stupid.  (The bureaucracy might go too far in the other direction though.  It would not be much of a surprise if The Computer insisted that all laser pistols should carry a label saying "not suitable for citizens younger than 36 monthcycles").

Having said that, R&D still issue death-traps with alarming frequency.  This is tolerated by The Computer because the clones volunteer for this.  So if it all goes wrong, it was undoubtedly the clone's fault.

The players' clones have not seen Outdoors yet.  This is quite deliberate.  The idea here is to get them used to the world of Indoors first, so that they'll have a good idea of how big a culture shock Outdoors will be when they (finally) get to see it.  They have encountered a few strange artefacts from Outdoors when they stumbled across a Sierra Club hideout though.

My collection of Paranoia books is fairly large, and I am always looking for extra material to add to it.


  • Paranoia First Edition
  • Vapors don't shoot back
  • The Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues
  • Orcbusters
  • Paranoia Second Edition
  • Don't take your laser to town
  • Alpha Complexities
  • The DOA Sector travelogue
  • More songs about food vats
  • The Iceman returneth
  • The R&D Catalog
  • Gamma-lot
  • Death, lies and vidtape
  • Mad Mechs
  • Alpha Update sourcebook
  • The bot abusers' manual
  • Paramilitary
  • CTV/ParaNormal
  • Paranoia Fifth Edition


  • Title Deleted for Security Reasons
  • Stormshooters & Troubleknights

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