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This document has been classified as Ultraviolet Clearance. Citizens of a lower clearance reading this document should report to the nearest Termination Centre immediately. We mean it! Don't read this material if you are a player, because your GM may use it in a forthcoming mission. Spoiling his surprises would definitely be not-fun. Stay happy!  

About CRD Sector

    A CRD Sector High Programmer says a few words about his home sector.

Introduction to Paranoia GMing

    GMing Paranoia is a bit different from GMing other roleplaying games. If you're new to Paranoia, you might want to read this section to stop your first mission being as much of a disaster as mine was.

The Paranoia Pick 'n' Mix Counter

    The idea behind this section is pretty simple. One thing that has bugged me about published Paranoia missions is that they are seldom consistantly good from start to end. I often encounter elements which I want to remove or replace with something else, or elements which I'd like to use in one of my own missions. And so, the Paranoia Pick 'n' Mix Counter was born.

    The idea is simple. Instead of selecting an entire mission, simply pick whatever elements appeal to you from each section. Voila! - instant mission.

Download Area

    Some files which GMs may find useful.  Some Windows clipart, a computery font, a couple of Windows 95 startup screens, and some forms to torment your players with.

Player's Section 

    What's this?  A player's section in the Ultraviolet pages?  Has he gone mad?

    Well, no.  This section is for GMs to relate fun/stupid things that players have got up to in their missions.  Some of these things are too funny to just keep to yourself.

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