Automatic Security Laser

(Steve Criddle/Dan Stoneley)

Basic idea (Steve Criddle)

    A team of Red Clearance Troubleshooters have been sent out on a mission. Their Team Leader has been promoted to Orange Clearance at the start of the mission. At some point in the mission they have to travel through a deserted Orange corridor. Normally this would not present a problem, but there is an automated security laser in the corridor. There is no other route to their destination.

    Whenever a clone lower than Orange Clearance sets foot in the corridor, the laser opens fire on them. That is, unless they are accompanied by a citizen of sufficient security clearance. A cruel Team Leader may lead his team into the corridor (they won't be fired on because he is with them) and then make sure he is the first one out. It's amazing how quickly those wall-mounted lasers can recharge.

    Boring Team Leaders will go in first, let the rest of the team walk through, and then be the last one out.

Making it more interesting (Dan Stoneley)

    I think the idea of the automatic security lasers is a bit over used.  A good way to make this idea more interesting is to make the corridor of a higher colour than all the PC's.  In order for them to get past the corridor they will have to paint it red using paint and brushes discretely hidden around the level.  Or worst still, put the paint and brushes in plain sight but on the other side of the security corridor.

    This'll really bug the players.

Some solutions I have seen... (Steve Criddle)

    I have seen two other solutions to the corridor clearance problem, and they both happened in sessions I was GMing:
    • A clone with a flamethrower reclassified the entire corridor as infrared.  (Faster than you could ever manage with a paintbrush).

    • A clone with polymorphism nipped round the corner and turned himself into a blue-clearance citizen.  (A bit like Superman, but without the phonebox and without having to wear his underpants on the outside).  I still don't know how he managed to get away with it without his team-mates asking what happened.

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