Terminating a clone quickly

(Steve Criddle)

When I first heard about this idea, I laughed like mad. It's ideal for dealing with players who have been doing very well and haven't lost a clone yet. A typical use would be where one player is still on their first clone while the rest of the team are up to clone #4...

Alpha Complex has a rapid clone replacement system. When a clone dies, The Computer sends the replacement clone as soon as It is notified of the death of the previous clone. Get your players used to the idea of a rumbling sound above the ceiling when this happens. A hatch opens in the ceiling and out pops the replacement clone.

Except that at some point something goes wrong. The Computer sends a replacement clone when it isn't actually needed. The hatch opens and out pops a fresh clone. This can either land on its predecessor, killing it, or land on another clone. The former is easy to roleplay, the latter is more tricky.

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