The Grue

(Geoff Gander)

I was reading through your site once more, and came across, in the players section, a story about silly Troubleshooters who kept getting eaten by Grues.  This brought back a series of Zork flashbacks, and now I proudly present to you:

The Grue:

    Strength: 20
    Endurance: 20
    Agility: 19
    Dexterity: 19
    Moxie: 10
    Chutzpah: 10
    Mech Apt: 1
    Power: 20
    Damage Bonus: 2
    Macho Bonus: 2
    Agility Skill Base: 5
    Dexterity Skill Base: 5
    Chutzpah Skill Base: 3
    Mech Apt Skill Base: 0
    Moxie Skill Base: 3
Special Skills:
    Ambush (Agility): 22
    Drool and Slaver in Anticipation (Chutzpah):  13
    Stealth (Moxie): 15
    Unarmed Combat (Dexterity):  17

    Mutation: Matter Eater
    Secret Society: None, would try to eat a secret society if it met one.

    Attacks: Bite (I13, skill 16), Claw (I8, skill 17)

    Grues cannot stand light of any sort, even artificial light.  They will not venture within 20 metres of any light source, and when in a lighted area, they attack with a penalty of -5 on all rolls.  For some bizarre reason, Grues love the smell and taste of Cruncheetym Algae Chips, and can actually be lured by a sufficient quantity of this product.  No one knows why this is so, though rumour has it that consuming too many algae chips leads to unfortunate...mutations, as well as an insatiable appetite and a loathing of light.

    Large populations of Grues are present in the bowels of DND Sector, and in any region of Alpha Complex known to contain dark corridors, unsuspecting Citizens, and the like.  A particularly large concentration of them is known to exist in ZRK Sector, though the reason for this is unknown.

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