Adventures with an elevator

(Steve Criddle - expanding an idea from Alpha Complexities)

The Troubleshooters have to get from the ground floor in a building to another floor. They find three elevators.

One elevator is sitting there with its doors open. This may put your players on edge from the start. Maybe they will ignore this lift and call one of the other lifts instead. Perhaps they'll reach inside the lift and press the button to send it up to another floor.

No matter which lift they use, pressing the button of their choice sends the lift swiftly up to that floor. Unfortunately it doesn't send the Troubleshooters to that floor. They hear a "ding" above them when the lift gets there, but the lift floor remains where it is. They now have a problem - how to get the lift doors open when the buttons are several floors above them. Unregistered mutants with powers such as teleport or levitation will probably be frustrated.

Slugthrowers merely make holes in the door (and damage to Computer property is a bad idea). Laser beams bounce around inside the lift shaft (remember the bit in Star Wars where they got trapped in the garbage disposal system?) Flamethrowers and other field effect weapons will swiftly toast the team.

The only way out (unless they come up with an ingeneous scheme) is to force the doors open. A crowbar is useful here, but they should be able to do it without. A suggested method of testing strength is to get everybody trying to open the door to make a strength roll. Award one point for everybody who succeeds on an normal roll, two points for those succeeding on a hard roll, etc. When they get a predetermined value in a single round (say, the same number of points as Troubleshooters), they have opened the door. This can get interesting if one person fails the normal roll - somebody else then has to be successful on a hard roll.

Having got the door open, the Troubleshooters will either try another lift, or try the stairs. If they try another lift, it works perfectly.

Later on, the same team may want to get back to the ground floor. One lift will be sitting on their floor ready to go - the one with no floor. Normally they'll notice this, but if they're in the middle of a firefight at the time they may not. The best way to play this is to tell them that "the left-hand lift is ready to go", and see if they remember from the earlier episode that the left-hand lift is the one with no floor. Make a moxie roll or something. (Hey, you're the GM - make it up!)

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