Hall of Mirrors

(Submitted by Dan Stoneley)

The PC's wonder into a room suddenly to be faced by hundreds of trouble shooters.  If (when) the PC's fire, all the other hundreds of trouble shooters fire.  Amazingly the PC's don't get hit.  The reason for this - the PC's have walked into a room of mirrors.

The PC's will have to go through this room of mirrors and just as they figure out that the other trouble shooters are actually their reflections, something should appear that definatly isn't one of their reflections (a big ED 209 or something to that effect).  The PC's fire wildly but don't hit it.

Eventually the PC's should reach a clearing in the middle of the room of mirrors where they meet the actual ED 209.  Big machine guns, missile launchers, and all sorts protrude from the ED 209.  Just when the PC's think things can't get worse, all of those laser rounds they fired off come bouncing up the mirror corridor heading straight for them.

This is one of my favourites!!!

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