Let the sickness begin

(Paul Dignall)

Basic Plot
The PCs are ordered to investigate a series of terrorist attacks that is believed to be organised by Commie, Mutant Traitors.  The Computer will provide all relevant information and the PCs will terminate the traitors.  Simple huh ?

What no one knows is that the traitors are not actually from Alpha complex at all.  They are in fact from Gamma complex, a wholly Communist state located several thousand miles away across the ocean.  The Gamma Communists are attempting to gain access to the blessed Alpha complex computer in an attempt to reprogram it with the Marxist heresy.  What is worse, the Gamma Communists have infiltrated the group !  A medical droid has been reprogrammed with the Marxist heresy and insinuated into the group.

As well as this, the group has been infiltrated by the P-Men; a covert mutant group which attempts to protect the mutant population from the horror of human prejudice and the computers intolerance.  Professor P the bald headed leader of the 

P-Men has placed his best mutant student within the group and covered their tracks by use of his machine empathy powers.

Naturally, the blessed computer  does not trust its operatives entirely and therefore has placed two top Int sec agents within the group.  One of them is a double agent and really works for the Commie, Mutant Traitors, and is there to oversee the med bot as well as reporting back to the terrorist cell. 

As if this were not enough [and it isn't], the group also has a loose cannon.  Who has been transferred into the squad from another department.  He is a cop on the edge, who takes no crap from his superiors [John Woo].  Although not a mutant, commie or even a traitor he does have two 
big pistols and an obsession with acrobatics and shooting people.  If these two interests can be brought together he is a happy man.

Due to pressure from Higher Programmer Kelly, a member of the Anti-Mutant league has been placed with the group and will be in communication with a strike force prepared to move in and kill the Commie, Mutant Traitors.

As a further consequence to High Programmer Kelly's demands a member of the Research and Development department has been transferred into the group in order to provide qualified scientific and forensic assistance to the team.  The R&D man is in fact a member of the Trekkies an underground society which reveres the 20th century 2D show "Star Trek"  as such he tends to waffle about quantum mechanics and Tachyons etc etc.  The computer it must be noted reacts in a very helpful and friendly fashion to the Trekkie player.

The final member of the group is a large black man who is a member of Jah Rastafari; a secret society based upon the Rastafarian religion.  It is imperative that he be as stoned as possible as often as possible.  Since Canabis is not illegal and freely available from the Yardies.  Which is  another group linked very closely to Jah Rastafari, the computer does not have a problem with him unless his habit causes problems doing his job.  The man from Jah Rastafari has half as many clones as the other players but is twice as experienced, having once been a member of the fabled Vulture squad.  He was of course kicked out for being too stoned.

The Bad Guys Plot
The Communists aim to obtain technology from Alpha complex as well as plant their virus in the computers mainframe.  In order to achieve both these aims they have split into teams.  The first team is after plans of the cloning vat technology which the Communists do not have.  The second team will move in at the same time as the first team, attempting to penetrate the mainframe complex and download the virus.  Should either team succeed the mission is considered a success.

The third team is not even in Alpha complex.  They are located just outside, attempting to sabotage the main satellite communication nexus for Alpha complex.  The other two teams are in fact a diversion for this activity, which is aimed at blinding the computer to an imminent invasion from Gamma complex!

Team one checklist
Since the cloning vats are located within the R&D sector, team one need to get hold of an R&D scientist in order to gain access to the vats.  Yes, you guessed it. The scientist attached to the player group is targeted by team one.  They also have a timetable, the plans must be in their hands 3 hours into the game.
Team two checklist
The double agent Int-sec officer is in fact the only member of this team.  In his position as an infiltrator it is his job to con the other players into fulfilling his mission to download the virus into the computer.  How this is done is up to them but, it must be accomplished 3 hours into the scenario.
Team three checklist
Team three does not appear directly in the game at first.  They too have to complete their task three hours into the game.  However, due to a truly hideous storm above Alpha complex; the commies find it difficult to climb the slick surface of the Geodesic dome of the complex.  They will be in position 6 hours into the game.  Naturally this means that things will have calmed down in the complex and the players will get to have a rooftop showdown with team three during the middle of a raging hurricane.

The Players personal plots
Rastafari - get really stoned all the time

Int-sec - monitor Pcs & report back to HQ

Int-sec [Infiltrator] - con Pcs into downloading virus into the Computer

Med bot - shake off commie programming & obsessively heal PCs

P-Man [superhero] - protect mutant interests by protecting non mutants

Anti-Mutant - find and eliminate all Gene freaks

Cop on the edge - shoot the bad guys & chew cocktail sticks

R & D Scientist - examine & duplicate the superior communist weapons

Research and Development Manual

Plasma Grenade

The Grenade generates an intense Plasma reaction reaching 6000 degrees Kelvin for approximately 0.34 of a second the radius however is limited to 5 feet.  For this reason it must be thrown accurately.  Due to the wonders of the outstanding technicians of the Research and Development section the timing mechanism on the Grenade may be set for any time period by simply turning the arming dial.

[the timer in fact does not work and the grenade detonates as soon as it is armed.]

Teleport Ring
The ring houses a dimensional vortex generator which creates a wormhole intersice.

The wormhole appears under the feet of the person that is wearing the ring and they fall through Fourth Dimensional space towards the exit wormhole which appears 5 feet in the air at the target location.  The teleportee appears feet first and falls to the floor, landing safely.  

The user interface on the ring comes in the form of four red dimensional co-ordinate dials and a green activation button.  The user simply dials the entry and exit co-ordinates and hits the activation button.

[the forth dimensional space the character travels through is dangerous to human germ plasm.  every time the character activates the ring roll against the random mutation table.

once the ring is activated the character has a 5% chance of materialising intact.  there is a 45% chance of the character materialises with a limb fused into a solid object.  This WILL require amputation.  There is also a 50% chance that the character suffers molecular instability and
 discorporates into gelatinous slime.

It should also be noted that activation a wormhole intersice within a 10 foot area of the plasma grenade will trigger the detonation sequence.]

Computron Cyber-prosthetics
Although basic the range of limbs and related spinal reinforcement come in three different classifications.

Class I - these limbs operate with a strength rating of 11 and a dex of 6. 

Class II - these limbs operate with a strength rating of 16 and a dex of 8. 

Class III - these limbs operate with a strength rating of 20 and a dex of 10. 

Spinal reinforcement is required if a character requires more than one prosthetic limb.

This is VERY painful.

The main problem with Cyber-prosthetics is that the character no longer has a sense of touch.  As well as this the character must have regular maintaince checks.

[Power drain is the biggest problem - each level of prosthetics reduces the available run time before the limb(s) shut down.  It will require either a highly skilled power systems engineer or Prof. Carlos Chunder of the R&D section and his team  to recharge any prosthetics which have powered down. it is highly advisable that any character who has prosthetics read the manual that is issued with the relevant power registration chitty.  The manual fully explains the power limitations of their particular model and the chitty allows the character to prove that they are authorised 
to use prosthetics and recharge them at the above places.

The manual is however out of stock temporarily and the players must wait for 30 days before they receive their registration package.]

*  The medbot character is a Fembot as from Austin Powers ??? *

Hunter Seeker Killdart
The killdart operates in two modes; passive and offensive.  In passive mode this marvel of Gamma complex engineering acts as a mobile hovering spy-cam.  if attacked it will automatically switch to offensive mode and target anyone aiming a weapon at it.

In offensive mode the killdart can be programmed with a specific target and set to seek and destroy them.  The payload of the killdart is a neurotoxin which causes 

Instant and agonizing Death.

[what the player does not know is that the targetting software of the killdart is badly bugged and anyone aiming a weapon at anything, anyone or even just generally waving a weapon around will be taken as a threat and therefore targetted.  The hunter progrm which governs identification of programmed targets will crash every time it is used. This resets the killdart back to the above setting.

Gamma complex enginnering is by nature more advanced in the area of hardtech than Alpha Complex.  Any Techical services or R&D character will immediately notice the advanced microfusion generator that the killdart has as a power source.  Also the hoverjets are a miracle of minituarisation that would defy Alpha complexes current tech level.]

Personal Forcefield Generator
Generates a forcefield with the intensity of average player clearance armour but it absorbs the radiant and kinetic energies of any impact and therefore becomes ever more powerful in intensity.  

[This will continue until the forcefield is so strong that even air or light cannot penetrate it.  Sadly for the player using this item the field is powered by a very crude microfrsion generator and once powered up it cannot be switched off.]

Chameleon Suit
The suit generates a holographic field which blends the character into the general surroundings much like the pre Oops film "Predator".

[2 hours of use creates a field instability which paints a garish mess of backgrounds all over the characters skin; permanantly affecting the pigment.]

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