"Little Boy" Adventure

(Joshua Moretto)

This is not a complete adventure; rather, it is a basic outline along with a few fun gimmicks that can be used as a basis for building a more fleshed-out adventure.  It worked rather well when I ran it,  although some two clones did survive, so you may want to step up the lethality if you don't like letting them "win".  ::grin::

This adventure breaks down into a few basic "scenes".  Remember, feel free to dispose of what you don't like and add whatever floats your boatbot.


The Computer's agents have discovered a Communist enclave deep in the Outdoors sector.  A lone IntSec agent was sent deep undercover to infiltrate the enclave and report their doings.  Uncovering dozens of traitorous deeds (clearance violations, not bathing enough, sex, etc.), the IntSec agent sent a radio message requesting further orders.  The Computer, in its wisdom, has decided to eliminate this menace.

SCENE 1: The Setup

The troubleshooters wake up, take their pills, and immediately receive a summons to report to briefing.  If you want to give them a hard time and like props, type out a mission briefing to give to them, but don't use any vowels:
Have a lot of fun watching them try to determine whether the briefing room designation contains any vowels.

Assuming they make it there, they get briefed by an internal security rep who informs them that they are to carry a package to an IntSec agent deep undercover in a Commie enclave outdoors.  Allow the troubleshooters to request any information they like ("What's Outdoors?"  "What package?"  "What's IN the package?") then execute those who asked the wrong ones.  Send them off to PLC to equip , then R&D for the package and experimental equipment.


Here's your chance to dump lots of fun stuff on the troubleshooters.  Reccomended especially are the Chameleon Bodysuit, and the Emergency Escape Device.

The package itself is a latched-shut black metal box about 8 inches on a side with yellow warning labels on it.  Astute troubleshooters will realize that it is a nuclear bomb.  Even more astute troubleshooters will get SOMEONE ELSE to volunteer to carry it.

Assure them all that it is perfectly safe (but don't look inside!  that would be naughty!).

Gimmick Time:

This gimmick is somewhat necessary for the next few scenes, but substitute with something else as appropriate.  The troubleshooters then get taken to their vehicle for the mission.  For a good laugh, bring them past the Mark IV tankbot from "Me and My Shadow" (Acute Paranoia) to get their hopes up, then show them the DNT-1.

DNT-1 is a round hovercraft-like vehicle.  It features a submarine style hatch at the very top, bubble windows all around, and no discernable front/back orientation.  The inside floor is a wire grate right above the fans, so it is:

A) very loud when the engine is running, and 
B) a bad place to drop small objects.
The Autopilot is named Matthew, and is childishly eager to please on his first day out.  Once everyone's on board (did they stow their gear properly?  what about any assigned robots?), the floor tilts to reveal a tunnel, the DNT-1 slides downwards, and the bay doors at the end open(or don't; maybe the players have to ask first), and we're off!

SCENE 3:  Pinball Wizard

Allow the players to goof around for a while.  Then, something happens to screw up Matthew's circuits. (An attack by crazed squirrels works well.)  The DNT-1 (which, importantly, spins CONSTANTLY even while moving in a straight line) careens through the forest, bouncing off trees and making sure of LOTS of agility rolls.  Players should manage (eventually) to seize control of the craft.  Repairs should be allowed, but Matthew is a bit screwy now.  As soon as all is well, and he is told to continue on to their destination, he shoots out of a clearing and off a cliff.  Do any players have teleportation mutations?

Now would be a good time for an unintended teleport!  The DNT-1 splashes down on a river, more or less whole but damaged heavily.  If you're nice, let the bomb NOT go off.  Or at least make a roll.

SCENE 4:  Huck & Tom

The DNT-1 floats downriver a while.  Thrown in whatever you like; river brigands, giant alligators, sharks, the the end, the DNT-1 washes ashore, autopilot shot to hell and heavily damaged.

SCENE 5:  Mountain Men

The troubleshooters probably get out at this point to survey their surroundings, shoot each other, contact The Computer.  Arrange to have the Mountain Men show up at this point.  This should be several VERY hirstute, brawny men wearing flannels and jeans and carrying clubs.  Maybe there's a fight.  Maybe the troubleshooters kill them all.  But before the last one dies, he should reveal the location of Fort Chuck, no doubt the Commie enclave the troubleshooters are looking for.

SCENE 6:  Commie Central

The troubleshooters go to Fort Chuck (which is a large village with a log pallisade around it, primarily a place of bartering and trading for the various local groups).  The Chuckites (as they are known) are heavily armed with old-reckoning guns (shotguns, deer rifles, a few AK's and UZI's...).  How they get in is their problem.  Once inside, however, their outlandish behavior, speech, and clothing makes them stand out so much that the IntSec agent finds THEM.  The package is delivered, and the agent tells them to report back to Alpha Complex at once.

SCENE 7:  Ground Zero

The troubleshooters leave Fort Chuck.  Once they're a good half-mile away, they see a vulturecraft land in the Fort, then rise again amidst gunfire and take off back toward Alpha Complex.  Alert troubleshooters will cry at this point.  Of course, the bomb goes off.  Give them the opportunity to run first, just so they think they might have a chance.  Naturally, the blast radius is rather large...  This works well because it ensures
A) that even the most slippery, long-lasting troubleshooter gets hosed at least ONCE, and 
B) it eliminates a need for extensive debriefing.

SCENE 8:  The End

Did anyone have clones left?  They are debriefed, promoted where appropriate, and then fines/executions are assessed for loss of ALL mission equipment.  Another job well done.
That's's my first all-original adventure, so I'm sure it's got it's rough spots, but the players really seemed to enjoy it.

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