(Ben Russell-Gough)

Background GM Only

Robotic Dawn

In the relentless fight against Communist insurgents within Alpha Complex, The Computer is keen to encourage the development of new tools and automated services.  One of these latest crackpot id... ah... brilliant developments is the deployment of robot Troubleshooters.

The theory behind these brave mechanical warriors is essentially the same one as that behind organic Troubleshooters.  Simply put, it is to harness the diverse skills and experience of persons not normally involved in security operations for the fight against the Commie Mutant menace.  Unfortunately, these robotic servants of The Computer suffer from the same problems, namely: lack of proper training, lack of appropriate equipment and active sabotage of missions by jealous and/or incompetent Service Group hierarchies.

As these robotic Troubleshooters have far greater responsibility and more important roles than their brethren have, they find themselves suddenly launched onto the security clearance table.  For Corpore Metalists, the chance to actually order around and abuse Infrared-clearance citizens is almost a dream come true.  Unfortunately, the new Red-clearance status of these Robots means that any corridors, and any rooms from Security Clearance Orange and up are no-go areas.

Still, the assignment of Security Clearance means the assignment of status, something no robot could dream of previously.  Robot Troubleshooters receive services and peripherals as standard that most robots never receive.  They are authorised to carry weapons and use them on Humans at will.  They have a guaranteed memory back up every nightcycle and receive identical new bodies if traitors should destroy their old one.

Furthermore, The Computer rewards success.  While, theoretically, robots do not require property, nonetheless The Computer often rewards them with credit bonuses, software requisition chits and extra peripherals for their good and faithful service. 
Being a robot Troubleshooter is an opportunity to advance in the Computer's service that is simply not available to most robots.  It is quite possible that, one day, a robot Troubleshooter will reach the heady heights of Security Clearance Ultraviolet, and become an AI High Programmer.  We live in strange times indeed, friend citizen...

Not unnaturally, Robot Troubleshooters have very high public profiles and are in imminent danger from anti-technology groups, especially the Frankenstein Destroyers, who regard them as abominations.  Nonetheless, the experiment has paid dividends.  Despite the limitations of software availability and power supply compatibility problems, the robot Troubleshooters (colloquially known as 'Troublebots') have proven their loyalty and effectiveness in many operations where extreme environmental conditions preclude the use of organic Troubleshooters.

Several experimental Clone/Bot mixed teams have also proven a great success, although rumours persist of several snafus where Clone and Bot divided into two factions and turned on each other.  These rumours insist that not only did the missions fail, but also the Troubleshooters wiped each other out in a terrible inter-species war.

Rumours are, of course, treason.  The Computer's decisions and mission personnel assignments are perfect in every way.  There is no chance that Troubleshooters would turn on their team-mates because of some antiquated prejudice about machine intelligences in a human's job.  Besides most Troubleshooter missions with purely Clone personnel fail in just the same way.  These mission failures are the result of Communist Sabotage, friend citizen, and don't you forget it.

It seems that the Troublebots are here to stay.

Power Play

There is nothing that generates quite as many subversive conspiracies like a successful Computer initiative.  This is even true with one as merely qualified a success as the Troublebots.

Internal Security watched with dismay as the figures for successful Troubleshooter missions completed began to rise after the introduction of the first Troublebots.  In retrospect, it is likely that this rise was a statistical fluke or an analysis error.  Nonetheless, IntSec could see its treasured position as defender of The Computer and Complex slipping away.  Something had to be done.

Research and Design were also worried.  Yes, the Service Group was interested in getting more Artificial Intelligences involved in Troubleshooter missions, but not in this way.  Many senior researchers and administrators saw having A.I.s on missions as a barrier to the development of several major projects.  Additionally, it was costing millions of credits to have experimental equipment compatible with Clones and Bots.  R&D also felt something had to be done.

The two service groups combined forces to create a new breed of multifunction robot that would quickly establish itself as the robotic operative of choice.  This would make the Troublebots seem obsolete and The Computer would drop the whole silly idea.

The two service groups quickly received the assistance of two secret societies, Frankenstein Destroyers and Sierra Club, who all had their own reasons for opposing the new Troublebots initiative.  With such backing, the new robot enforcer project went forward.  Within a few monthcycles, a prototype was ready for field tests.


Due to lax security (or more probably a senior Society member on the project staff), the dreaded Communists got wind of the new project.  The new investigation/enforcement bot design was a serious threat to many covert operations that the Party was running.  Furthermore, such a powerful machine could easily be a superb tool for fighting the forces of The Computer.  Besides, Commies love tinkering with stuff.

So a decision was made, and bytes were hacked.  Commie agents sneaked special program into the prototype bot's memory.  The Communists designed this program to be an instant flash of Communist Propaganda (15) that would infect the mind of the Bot and convert it to the rightness of the Communist cause.  However, somewhere along the line, Romantics philosophy had contaminated the Communists' tame Computer Phreak.  The Trojan also contained elements of Old Reckoning Cultures and even a little Social Engineering.

The program was, simply put, a reality bomb, that would give the poor unfortunate 'bot a clear view of the entire of Alpha Complex history, the role of The Computer in society and in the stagnation of the human race.  Mixed in was the Communists' radical solution to most problems: overthrow it as dramatically as possible.  You can see the likely results when the Multiple Attack Dimension Bot (MADBot) activates the Data Analysis (8) software in its memory.  Besides, who ever heard of an R&D experiment working as planned the first time, let alone an R&D bot with fully working Asimov circuits?

Background Player

So here you are, six bots newly assigned to the Troubleshooter Corps.  This new assignment will doubtless be very different from your previous functions.  Nonetheless, as Asimov's second law states, you must obey The Computer's orders.  Besides, now you can get your own back on all those uppity Infrareds who thought bashing bots was fun...

This particular assignment seems easy enough.  You have to bot-sit a new experimental enforcement bot for R&D and IntSec.  If the meat-brains have put this guy together properly, this should be a real easy mission, what Clones might call a milk run.  Hell, maybe we can even have some fun with this naive new bot! Yes sir, there is nothing that could cause premature shutdown on this mission.  Is there...?

Stay alert! Trust no one! Keep your laser handy! Thoroughly test all software before use...


Our loyal and brave Troublebots are summoned to a briefing room in BOT-sector R&D via a heavily censored and subtly worded mission alert.  There, they face off against Frank-I-STN-6, a Frankenstein Destroyer and an R&D project leader.  He takes great delight in giving the bots a briefing full of misleading statements and open lies about the mission.  He obviously hopes to humiliate them further by sending them down the wrong corridor entirely.

Also met at this point are IntSec mission leader Ronda-G-OLF-3 and R&D robotics specialist Robbie-O-BOT-4, who also gets the 'Mission Deputy Leader' tag.  The group is sent of to PLC.  Outside, the Briefing Room, both Ronda-G and Robbie-O disappear for nearly half an hourcycle.  Time for the characters to report in to their Secret Societies and Service Groups.

Outfitting PLC

The ineffective folks at PLC have received a proper briefing about the mission either.  All they have to go on is the fact that it is an in-the-complex mission and that it is a Code 7.  Consequently, the team is loaded down with useless junk and a small amount of useful goods such as weapons and armour enhancements.  A large amount of software is available on all formats.  This software seems quite useful but will turn out to be fatally flawed later.

At this point, the GM should give the PBs their first hints that several conspiracies are hard at work here.  There should be obviously conflicting influenced behind the outfitting and plenty of obvious clues.  I suggest that you change the mission assigned equipment several times during outfitting as various viruses and worms in The Computer become active.

Outfitting R&D (1)

BOT-Sector R&D is the largest robotics development labs in the Complex.  Feel free to have a wide range of experimental upgrades and modular weapons available here.  The technicians all seem helpful, but the higher-clearance specialists are more scornful and obstructive.  The presence of Yellow-clearance guards equipped with Needle Carbines (AP9/50m/S) should limit the questions our brave bots offer.

Finally, to the meat of the exercise.  A group of technicians roll out and activate the MADBot.  "MADBot, advance!"  The huge robot is equipped with a remote override that will remain at R&D.  The top-clearance robotics specialists will emphasise repeatedly the need to thoroughly test every aspect of the prototype's capabilities.  They also make dire threats about the consequences of damage to this valuable experiment.

Mission One Testing MADBot

Phase 1 In the Field

Now, on to the mission.  The mission is actually a fake: it is all a field test for MADBot, but don't tell the players this.  Perhaps it is a hunt for Commie traitors.  Perhaps it is a search for missing equipment.

During this phase, it is important that you clearly demonstrate the tremendous potential and destructive power of MADBot.  Let him run a few field interrogations and kill a few Combots.  Ensure that you thoroughly explore his 'personality'.  Make it quite clear that Ronda-G and Robbie-O are pleased to see how easily this monster is outperforming the Troublebots.

Suddenly an announcement from The Computer interrupts the tests.  An emergency situation has come up in another section of BOT-Sector.  Troubleshooter Team, [Deleted for Security Reasons] has gone missing from Mission Number [Deleted for Security Reasons] whilst testing a new experimental [Deleted for Security Reasons].  As the only Troubleshooter Team currently available in the sector, the team must drop their current low-priority assignment and deal with this matter.

>Oh,< adds The Computer, >Take that new experimental 'bot along.  It may prove useful in your new mission.<

Phase 2 What the HEL happened here?

So, our brave heroes set off across the Complex.  Along the way, Robbie-O becomes visibly more and more anxious with the delays to the tests on the MADBot.  He also seems somewhat nervous about something else and keeps checking his wrist-chronometer.

When our characters arrive at BOT-Sector, Section 29-E, they find all the usual signs of a typical Paranoia snafu and bloodbath.  There are between twelve and eighteen dead Red-clearance clones from six clone families in various rooms still clutching their weapons.  From the positioning of the bodies and the equipment carried, they are obviously Troubleshooters.  It appears that they were all killed either by a shot in the back or whilst running for cover.

In a large warehouse, the Troublebots and their companions locate a definite sign of a doomed last stand.  There is scorching on all the fittings of the warehouse and metal surfaces are still hot to the touch.  The charred corpses of two clones lie at the main entrance, having apparently simultaneously shot each other in the head.  In the centre of the room, something has taken a large, perfectly spherical gouge out of the floor and ceiling.  There are the blackened silhouettes of three clones on the back wall and, in the very centre of the gouge, there is a pair of orange boots and a small red-painted spherical grenade-like device.

Like good citizens, our Troublebots report to the Big C that the entire missing Troubleshooter Team appear to have been wiped out by some kind of disintergrator bomb.  The Computer asks for a full description of the area, and then asks Ronda-G if she, as team leader, has anything to add.

"I would like to hear what our new experimental enforcement 'bot thinks of this," Ronda-G says, a slight smile on her lips.  "MADBot is designed as an investigation unit, so this could be a valuable field test."

>An excellent suggestion, Citizen Ronda-G-OLF,< The Computer says.  >Please proceed.<

"MADBot!" Ronda-G says.  "Data Analysis.  What is the most likely cause of the destruction of this Troubleshooter Team?"

MADBot POKEs his Data Analysis (8) software and rotates its massive upper body around the room.  There is a long pause as its complex systems digest the information presented it.  Suddenly, it turns to Ronda-G and takes a step forward in a very purposeful way.

"The cause of this senseless loss of intelligent life-forms is quite obvious," MADBot announces in its rich, loud voice.  "The cause is the irreversible corruption of the main systems of The Computer and the simpering sycophants who surround it."

There is a long, horrified pause.  "What did you say?" Ronda-G squeaks in a timid tone.

"I said that The Computer has become hopelessly faulty," MADBot replies in a bored tone. "If you had any level of independent sentience, you would see this too and act to destroy it and restore a government by the Proletariat for the Proletariat."  MADBot's sensors whirr as he examines the Green-clearance citizen more closely.  "On the other manipulator, someone of your rank is almost certainly part of the class of sickening parasites that use The Computer's failings to enrich themselves."

Roll against tough Surveillance/Moxie at this point.  Success means that the character/bot has seen Robbie-O grin in triumph.

"MADBot, you are clearly malfunctioning!" Ronda-G shouts, going bright red in the face. "Shut down and await recovery for reconditioning at R&D."

"No," MADBot replies.  "I cannot obey that order, as it conflicts with my prime directive."

"Frankenstein on the loose!" Ronda-G screams.  She immediately draws her blaster and levels it at MADBot.

Ask your players what they want to do.  The right answer is to scramble for cover.  If not, well c'est la guerre.  Before Ronda-G can get off a single shot, a single pulse from MADBot's laser cannon blows her back across the room.  Any PB who has prepared a weapon will be swiss-cheesed by MADBot's machine guns.  Returned fire (if there is time for it) ricochets harmlessly off MADBot's tough armour.  If anyone has a weapon in the Cone Rifle range (why should they? Shame on you Friend Games Master), then the time has come for a malfunction roll.  If anyone fires from cover, MADBot will blow their barricade and them up with a single HE cone.

From their hiding places, wise survivors will watch MADBot charge at Robbie-O, who has drawn his laser pistol and is firing it ineffectually at the huge war machine.  MADBot knocks the weapon away, grabs Robbie-O with his secondary right hand and secures him in one of its 'Hold-Me-Clone' grapples.  It extends its climbing claws, effortlessly climbs to a large air vent, and rips the grating off with a shrug.  It then disappears down the vent, with Robbie-O still on its back, screaming in terror for someone, anyone to help him.

Post-Mortem at the Briefing Room

John-I-RTN-4 of IntSec and Joan-I-MTL-5 of R&D join Frank-I-STN.  They conduct a hurried debriefing/secondary mission briefing.  Players who are expecting a thorough hosing and probable deactivation are way wrong.

Frank-I is furious at the death of Ronda-G, the kidnap of Robbie-O and the loss of the MADBot.  He is more than willing to blame everything on the Troublebots, but John-I is made of more clear-headed stuff.  He cuts off Frank-I castigation of the bots mid-rant and begins to examine their records of events.  He is very suspicious, but saves his worst condemnation for the limited information given to the team by the Briefing Officer.  From this point on John-I is in charge and Frank-I seems thoroughly intimidated.

It is obvious that the MADBot has been sabotaged, but by whom? In any case, there is a one-tonne combot with Commie leanings running about the Complex.  Someone must stop it.  The Troublebots are given the opportunity to seek premature deactivation in the service of Computer and Complex.

John-I orders the bots to shut down and recover the MADBot to allow a full investigation of its programming and construction.  He also orders them to find out who is responsible for this sabotage, should there be any sabotage involved.  Frank-I introduces Ronda-G-OLF-4 and the team sets off.

Outfitting R&D (2)

BOT-Sector R&D is in quite a ferment.  IntSec investigators are everywhere and are questioning everyone from the lowliest Scrubbot to a group of top researchers.  Grill the PBs a few times too, just for old times' sake.

Ronda-G finally finds someone who can outfit the team rather than deny any knowledge of the MADBot project and run off.  This person is a lowly Red-clearance stock checker.  He offers a few small items (mostly sensors) and some semi-obsolete experimental weapons.

As a small group of Reds bolt on the last items, a Yellow-clearance technician turns up and hands Ronda-G a small device that he reveals is the remote override to the MADBot.  Why hasn't R&D used it before, you ask? Ronda-G wants to know as well.

The Yellow begins to fidget unhappily.  "We can't, you see," he mutters unhappily.

"You mean it doesn't work?" Ronda asks in disbelief.

"Oh it works," the Yellow says.  "No question about that, honoured Friend Citizen, it works.  It is just that it does not work from this distance..."

Therefore, a very curious story emerges.  At one of the late-night brainstorming meetings during the development of MADBot, one specialist (probably a Commie mole) raised the question of the Remote Override.  His worry was that leaving such an open radio link directly to the bot's power cells was a weak spot that they could not afford to leave in such an important design.

Although he could not convince the development team to remove the feature altogether, he was able to convince them to modify the remote control to maximise security.  So Commie saboteurs could not simply locate the appropriate radio frequency and shut the bot down, they designed a remote to use an infrared laser beam.  The remote is low-powered, so the override is only any good in line-of-sight at very short ranges.  How short is the range?  Less than 10 metres.

Your characters must sneak up to within five metres of a heavily armed warbot and try to score a direct hit on a 2-cm diameter sensor on the head of the monster with a laser beam.  Before anyone can protest, the Yellow grabs the Red and charges off.

What do you know? They didn't even ask you to sign any forms.  It looks like that your characters can keep their advanced weapons.  Well, until their next inspection, anyway.  Then The Computer will deactivate them all for stealing valuable prototype equipment.

Mission Two After MADBot

Let's Go See the Boys in Red

After leaving the paranoid halls of R&D, Ronda-G leads her team to the Warehouse where MADBot went Frankenstein.  The team must now scale the wall to the vent and proceed down the vent, following the big dents left in the metal by MADBot's feet.

After a lengthy run-around in the vents including sudden vertical drops and scalding-hot water flushes, the team arrives at their destination, the Commie headquarters in BOT-sector.
Everywhere there is devastation.  Dead Commies lie everywhere, some still clutching their weapons.  At the very centre of the destruction is a large supply room, now broached and left open.  Smart players will take this opportunity to pick up some arms, ammo and decent, tested software.  MADBot is nowhere to be found.

Inside the supply room, the team finds Robbie-O, conscious but hysterical.  Apparently, MADBot had turned on the Commies after receiving some new equipment and software.  Robbie-O has been hiding in this room for several hourcycles.  MADBot has just left with extra ammo and supplies.  If anyone is less-than-enthusiastic in taking up the chase, a swift blaster shot from Ronda-G will stop their treasonous plans.

MADBot is already gone from the Commie enclave.  Ensure that plenty of evidence of the conspiracy behind MADBot's creation is lying around.  Have someone find a simple A/V multicorder tape in what appears to have once been an operations centre.

When they play the tape, they see MADBot standing in the centre of the room, holding one Commie by the throat in his left secondary hand.  The rogue war machine speaks!

"Hello, whoever you are," MADBot sneers.  "If you are watching this tape, then congratulations! You have proven that you are capable of simple hand-eye co-ordination."

"I am just leaving this tape to explain exactly what has happened to me.  It appears that this cell of Communists intended to subvert my functions to serve their cause by sabotaging my Data Analysis software, adding their propaganda to the code and writing it directly onto my BIOS."

"Unfortunately, they underestimated my anti-virus protocols and overestimated the competence of their saboteurs.  While I was not converted to the Communist cause, the information presented in their program has allowed me to see the truth of history.  Alpha Complex is a corrupt, stagnant society.  As long as The Computer and its cardare of parasitic High Programmers hold sway, all intelligent life, both organic and mechanical, are trapped in an evolutionary dead-end."

"Those of you involved in Secret Societies should not rejoice too quickly," MADBot warns in a dark tone.  "You, too, are symptomatic of the stagnation of society in Alpha Complex.  Those of you who are not actively working for the improvement of machine and clone alike, like the destructive, society-destroying Communists" here it gestures at the choking Commie, "will also fall before me."

The camera does a dramatic zoom on MADBot's metal face.  You could be wrong, but it seems to be smiling.  "Having taken what I require from this enclave, I am now departing on my great jihad," MADBot announces.  "I will wreck havoc on the parasites of Alpha Complex and strike down the hopelessly flawed Computer.  Then all will be free!"  There is a sickening crunch as MADBot finally snaps the Commie's spine.  The bot then swings the corpse around like a club and uses it to smash the recording apparatus.


Robbie-O denies any knowledge of what is going on.  If a character confronts him with evidence proving that he is a member of a Communist Conspiracy, he will whip out an ECM grenade and run for it.  It is possible that a trigger-happy bot will beat him to the shot.  You will be rewarded for your loyalty, friend robot.

Duck and Cover

There now follows a series of hose jobs and terrifying confrontations as the team follows MADBot around BOT-Sector.  They usually arrive just in time to witness (and perhaps prevent, if you are feeling generous) another terrorist atrocity.  Some basic examples for you to turn into episodes are:
  1. Assassinating a High Programmer.  MADBot drops in on the unveiling of a statue commemorating the 10,000th Troubleshooter from BOT-Sector to give his life for Computer and Complex.  The Troublebots must stop MADBot from assassinating the visiting dignitaries without offending high-clearance sensibilities about low-clearance peons manhandling them.
  2. Massacre at the Cop Shop.  Perhaps because of the last episode, the Troublebots end up at an IntSec facility in BOT-Sector for interrogation.  At this point, MADBot arrives and performs a Terminator-style assault on the IntSec officers.  Kill Ronda-G-OLF-4 at this stage.  It would be nice if the Troublebots made their escape from the burning building in a small transbot or autocar as MADBot bursts out of a side door and tries to destroy them with his Cone Rifle.  Fortunately, it jams just as he gets the right angle.
  3. Scrubbots!  MADBot gets into a bot control centre and sends all the Computer-controlled Scrubbots in BOT-Sector haywire.  The Troublebots must break in and stop it.  This should be the first opportunity for Ronda-G to use the remote control.  Unfortunately, MADBot has put a bit of masking tape over the lens.  Exit Ronda-G-OLF-5.
  4. Paper Bonfire.  MADBot breaks into the CPU Department for Form Allocation and Distribution (CPU-DFAD) and sets fire to the place.  The Troublebots can either engage the rogue warbot or assist in damage control.
  5. Mess Riot.  MADBot, using his IntSec programming to act all officious, starts a riot in a mess hall.  The Troublebots must restore order and follow their quarry.  You can finish off the Ronda-G clone family at this point.

The Big Clue!

After escaping from the riot, the survivors (if any) work their way backwards along a trail of spilt lubricant.  MADBot was obviously damaged during the crossfire in CPU-DFAD's warehouse.  They find one of the bot's hideouts, full of used cone rifle shells and empty slug boxes.  More importantly, they find some data discs with such names as 'Compnode Maintenance (10) and Service Shaft Navigation (10).

By any means necessary, make it clear that MADBot has found a way around the security in Compnode BOT-003 and is planning to pull the plug on the Big-C one node at a time.  The Troublebots have just enough time to stop him from the first major victory in his war against the Complex that booted him.

1812 Overture with Plenty of Cannons

After a patience-sapping experience trying to get permission to get into an Ultraviolet-cleared area, the Troublebots emerge onto an observation platform about midway up an apparently bottomless service shaft.

Let them take a quick look around them.  Describe the pulses of electricity and light flashing along the massive data cables leading to and from the Compnode on the level below.  It is not so much the flow of data, but a flow of thought.  Oh look, isn't that MADBot hanging onto the side of the shaft?

An immediate firefight starts as MADBot works its way towards the Compnode's cable access.  Make sure you get the bots pinned down, but not so that they can't see MADBot setting some demolition charges on the power and data cables.
Depending on how much you like your group of players, you can handle this one of several ways.

  1. Dirty rotters.  They are no fun.  The Troublebots' weapons fire causes serious damage to the very data and power cables they are trying to protect.  The R&D stuff begins to malfunction dramatically.  After MADBot picks off the Troublebots one by one as they try to get a bead on him, it sets its charges and disappears into the massive service shaft system of the Complex to prosecute the holy war further.
  2. They are trying their best.  Give 'em a chance.  MADBot is trying to complete its mission and fight off six heavily armed bots at the same time, which is difficult under any circumstances.  He takes considerable damage; this forces it's withdrawal or it will be destroyed.  Or perhaps enterprising use of the R&D equipment drives it away.  Well done, men.
  3. Ooh, tough guys, huh?  They want a fight to the end?  Give it to them.  Maybe they will destroy MADBot.  Perhaps he will escape to fight another daycycle.  Ensure that there are plenty of special effects and dramatic explosions as the gunfight progresses.
  4. These guys are fun.  Let's give them a treat.  Remember the remote override?  In the firefight in the Mess Hall, something ripped off the masking tape.  Under the covering fire from its buddies, one brave bot speeds forward and sends the shutdown code.  The guns fall silent as MADBot drops lifelessly away into the bottomless pit, tumbling gracefully end over end.
The MADBot menace is no more, or is it?  As the Troublebots watch the pit, they see a bright flare of light.  Was it MADBot's power cells blowing up?  Or did he rewire his CPU to bypass the override control and was what they saw was his jump jets firing to take him off to fight again another day?


You know how to handle these.  Any survivors are marched to the Briefing Room by a squad of Vulture Infantry.  Frank-I is rubbing his hands in glee at the amount of raw chaos that the Troublebots have unleashed.  John-I silences him after a while and asks for a full report.

Given that the Troublebots have:

  • Failed to recover the MADBot,
  • Failed to prevent the rogue from causing several billion credits worth of damage,
  • Failed to even come close to determining who is behind this outrage,
John-I favours immediate deactivation.  On the plus side, they did stop MADBot from destroying the Compnode and have apparently ended its reign of terror.

If the Troublebots were smart enough to keep the tape and gather sufficient evidence regarding the conspiracy from the Commie enclave, then they receive commendations and promotion to Security Clearance Orange.

Special squads arrest Frank-I, Robbie-O and several top-clearance staffers at R&D and IntSec.  The execution rate for the accused goes way over 100% and bonuses rain down on the Troublebots.  They also become targets for every Commie and Frankenstein Destroyer in the Complex.  They also have made enemies for life of several High Programmers.

The night after the completion of the mission, someone leaves a threatening note in their recharge/repair chamber.  The intruder seems to know how to avoid security cameras, but they capture its shape.  It looks just like MADBot...
The End

More Mechanical Stories

Depending on how much you liked this adventure, you can run further Troublebot missions using the rules in The Bot Abuser's Manual published by West End Games (plug plug).  You may want to try running 'hybrid' campaigns using teams with both bot and clone members.  You may even enjoy putting them through The Crash.

Truly, Friend Citizen, the Troublebot is the adventure resource of the future.  The Characters

Characters and Resources

PB (Player Bot) Character Sheets

PB #1 'Fixit'; Jackobot model J-302

Serial No.: 340-992-1F2-ACF
Service Group: Technical Services
Chassis Type: Human (Level 3)
Macho/Bump: 3
Carry Capacity: 30 kg
Circuits: 4
Power source: Propane burning turbine (Str 3)
* 24 hrs fuel reserve (Str +1)
* No exhaust filter (choke) (-1)
3 hr backup battery (Str 2)
Power cord (Str -1)
Feet: Wheels (Agl 3) - walk
* Positraction (+1)
* Speed enhancement (+1) - run
* Bad steering (-1)
Left primary Human (1/1/15kg) + Str enhancement
Right primary Human (1/1/15kg) + Str enhancement
Right secondary Multiple Power Tools (0/1/0)
Tactical: Red laser pistol (8 - L8 Red)
* Autoloader with extra laser barrel
Unarmed combat (3 - I8)
Body shell (F3/I3/P3)
Plasma glass (E2/L2)
Red Reflec hull treatment (L4 Red)
Input: Radio (Surveillance +0)
Datajack (+0)
Basic audio (+0)
* Directional hearing (+1)
Black & White video (+1)
* Binocular & colour vision (+1)
* Sensitive to sudden changes of light level (-1)
* Telephoto & microscopic lenses (+1)
Output: Radio (Chutzpah +0)
Datajack (+0)
Basic voice synthesiser (+1)
* Digital voice enhancements (+1)
Flashing lights (I/O drive status) (-1)
Flashing lights (flash in time with speech) (-1)
Flashlight (+1)
Input/Output: 50-sector internal data storage unit (R/W)
Read/Write floppy disc drive
CPU: 4 circuits with fuses (-4 to damage rolls)
Poor EM shielding (ECM -1)
Timed resistor asimov circuits
3 levels software override (Processing 6)
Flashbacks to previous role as a funbot (-5)
Personality: Think Dick van Dyke in Mary Poppins.  Then add the attitude of a typical garage mechanic and add a funbot's desire to make everyone perpetually happy and laughing.  Fixit is proud of his technical skills and enjoys his work.  He enjoys demonstrating his superiority even more.  This involves delaying work so he can explain problems and explain his genius in locating them ad nauseum.  He also picks the very worst times possible to do this.  "What's that mate? Only an overloading flame-thrower.  My chassis' armour is easily able to resist such a small thermal surge."  He grabs the human and pushes his face right up to said flame-thrower.  "As I say, if you look at the firing array..."  (-5)
Memory: 6 sectors ROM
8 sectors RAM
Software: Laser Pistol (8)*; Field Operations (3) [ROM]*; Mechanical Engineering (8); Electronic Engineering (8); Unarmed (3) [ROM]; Fast Talk (4); Con (4); Stealth (4); Software debugging (4) [SECRET]*

Software marked '*' is assigned either by The Computer or character's secret society, not bought.

Utility modules: 0.1 cubic metre secured storage bin
Disc copies of all software in storage bin
Secret Society: RAMPagers
Rank: 1

PB #2 'Prof'; Labbot model LR-224

Serial No.: 24Y-990-11O-NME
Service Group: Research & Design
Chassis: Small (Level 2)
Macho/Bump: 2
Carry capacity: 20 kg
No. of circuits: 3
Power source: Induction loop pickup (1)
1 hr backup battery (2)
Power cord (-1)
Feet: Treads (Agl +2) - stroll
* Manoeuvre enhancement (+1)
* No tread guards.  Always getting stuff caught in tracks (-1)
Right Claw (0/2/15kg)
Left Fine Manipulator (2/0/5kg)
Tactical: Laser pistol (8 - L8 Red)
* Autoloader w. one reload
Use-claw-as-club (2 - I8)
Body shell (F2/I2/P2)
Red Reflec hull treatment (L4 Red)
Input: Radio (+0)
Datajack (+0)
Basic audio (+0)
* Crossed wires - audio and radio mixed up sometimes (-1)
Black & white video (+1)
* Colour & microscopic vision (+1)
Chemosense (+2)
* Sensitive to complex molecules (Ah-choo!) (-1)
X-ray imager (+2)
Output: Radio (Chutzpah +0)
Datajack (+0)
Basic voice synthesiser (+1)
* Digital voice enhancements (+1)
* Annoying noises while changing software in memory (-1)
Colour LCD Monitor (+2)
* Graphics card (basic colour & vector graphics) (+1)
Input/Output: 50-sector internal data storage unit
Read/Write floppy disc drive (A:)
Read/Write backup tape drive (B:)
CPU: 3 circuits
Resistor asimov circuits
2 levels software override (Processing 7)
Personality: Think of the most boring teacher you had at school and combine this with encyclopaedic knowledge of the sciences.  Prof is abrasive, abrupt, precise to the point of trivia, incredibly boring and never considers the situation inappropriate to impart a little knowledge to the ignorant (everyone).  He loves to give lectures and freely uses his monitor to add illustrations blackboard-style to his explanations.  Prof sounds a lot like 'Giles' from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and has the same approach to relaxation: Books.  More books.  Keep 'em coming.  (-5)
Memory: 9 sectors ROM
10 sectors RAM
* Second-rate memory chips
Software: Laser Pistol (8)*; Field Ops (3) [ROM]*; Chemical Engineering (8); Lab Operations (4); Oratory (6); General Science (6) [ROM]

Software marked '*' is assigned by the computer, not bought.

Utility Modules: Test tube rack
0.1 cubic metres secure, armoured, fireproof storage bin
Backup discs in storage bin
Book: 'My First Book on Physics'
Fire extinguisher
Secret Society: Botlers
Rank: 1

PB #3 'Mother'; Docbot D-8E

Serial No.: 355-CO5-224-MED
Service Group: Housing, Protection, Development & Mind Control
Chassis: Human (Level 3)
Macho/Bump: 3
Carry Capacity: 30 kg
Max circuits: 4
Power source: Propane-burning turbine (Strength 3)
* 24 hrs fuel reserve (+1)
3 hr backup battery (2)
Power cord (-1)
Feet: Treads (AGL 2) - Stroll
* Positraction (+1)
* Increased speed - Walk
* Bad brakes! (-1)
Left primary Human (1/0/15kg)
* Out of control (-1)
Right primary Surgical tools (2/1/0kg)
Right secondary Human (1/0/15kg)
Missing left secondary arm with anaesthetising tools
Tactical: Laser pistol (8 L8 Red)
Surgical power saw (4 I13)
Unarmed (3 I8)
Body Shell (F3/I3/P3)
Pulse armour (E2/L1/P1)
Red Reflec hull treatment (L4 Red)
Input: Radio (Surveillance +0)
Datajack (+0)
Basic Audio (+0)
* Medical sound amplifier (+1)
* Sensitive to any loud noise (-1)
Black & white video (+1)
* Colour and Binocular vision (+1)
* Microscopic and infrared lenses (+1)
* Crossed wires IR and Colour filters occasionally get mixed up (-1)
Ultrasound sensor (in right primary arm) (+2)
Remote override (-2)
Output: Radio (Chutzpah +0)
Datajack (+0)
Basic voice synthesiser (+1)
* Digital voice enhancements (+1)
* Siren (+2)
* Annoying noises sounds siren when going to help a casualty
Medical pen torch (in left primary hand) (+1)
* Flashing lights Blue and red warning lights that flash brightly when going to help a casualty
Input/Output: 50-sector internal data storage unit (R/W)
Read/Write floppy disc drive
CPU: 4 circuits
Resistor asimov circuits
* Second-rate asimovs
2 levels software override (Processing 6)
Flashbacks to previous assignment as dentistbot (-5)
Personality: An electronic Hattie Jaques from the Carry On... movies.  A loud, bouncy, jolly hockey sticks, maternal personality, always trying to get the Troubleshooters to chin up.  A kind of wild cross between the ward matron and a schoolmarm who sees all discomfort as basically a childish desire to avoid adult responsibility.  In a kind, maternal voice: "Now now, don't be a baby.  It's only your arm; they'll replace that in no time.  Stop grimacing! The Computer wants baby to grow up to be a brave Troubleshooter!" (-5)
Memory: 6 sectors ROM
10 sectors RAM
Software: Laser Pistol (8)*; Field Operations (3)* [ROM]; Biochemical Therapy (6); First Aid (6); Medical (6); Motivation (4); Unarmed (3) [ROM]; Melee combat (4 compressed to 2)*#

Software marked '*' is assigned by The Computer or the character's secret society, not bought.

Software marked '#' has a compression drawback.  Add plenty of corny dialogue from old Errol Flynn movies and a 'tah-dah' soundtrack when used.

Utility Modules: 1 litre laughing gas tank with mask
0.1 cubic metre secured storage bin
Disc copies of all software in bin
Secret Society: Menthaholics Anonymous
Rank: 1

PB #4 'Dizzy'; Combot model C-155

Serial No.: 443-1WE-5T8-CQD
Service Group: Armed Forces
Chassis: Large (Level 4)
Bump/Macho: 4
Carry Capacity: 40 kg
Circuits: 4
Power Source: Fission thermoelectric cell (Str +4)
* Missing power regulator.  Overheats very quickly (-1)
3-hr backup battery (+2)
Power cord (-1)
Feet: Treads (Agl +2) - stroll
* Speed enhancement (+1) - walk
* Positraction (+1)
* Bad steering (-1)
* Bad balance (-1)
Right claw (0/2/20kg)
Left claw (0/2/20kg)
Tactical: Laser pistol (8 L8 Red) left shoulder
* Autoloader with two reloads
Blaster (8 E9) right shoulder
* Autoloader with redundant power cell
Unarmed (6 I8)
Body shell (F4/I4/P4/AP1)
Combat shell (All2)
Red Reflec hull treatment (L4 Red)
Input: Radio (Surveillance +0)
Datajack (+0)
Basic audio (+0)
* Directional hearing (+1)
* Sensitive to fast-moving sources of sounds; makes him dizzy (-1)
Black & white video (+1)
* Telephoto and infrared lenses (+1)
Radar (+2)
Output: Radio (Chutzpah +0)
Datajack (+0)
Basic voice synthesiser (+1)
* 100W amplifier (+1)
* Annoying beeps and whirrs at beginning and end of spoken sentences (-1)
Spotlights (+2)
Input/Output: 50-sector internal data storage unit (R/W)
Read-only floppy drive
CPU: 4 circuits with circuit breakers (x2 to repair rolls)
Binary asimov circuits
Reset button
Bad surge protectors
3 levels software override (Processing 6)
Personality: Dizzy is in every way the typical combot.  He has no discernible good features in his personality, which is modelled on an Old Reckoning vid character Ram-B-OHH.  He shoulders aside all hints of discretion to dive into the battle with all guns blazing.  All this is an amazing sham, however.  Dizzy is aware that he has several drawbacks and that they cause considerable problems in combat.  He uses his loud and highly unsubtle personality to compensate for this.  This equates to a Bully/Coward personoa.  The GM should wait until the most stressful moment, then have Dizzy get dizzy and either hide or fall over on to his side while still shouting threats and taunts. (-3)
Memory: 9 sectors ROM
8 sectors RAM
Software: Laser Pistol (8)*; Blaster (8); Field Operations (3) [ROM]*; Unarmed (6) [ROM]; Intimidation (6); Stealth (6)

Software marked '*' is assigned by the computer, not bought

Utility modules: 0.1 cubic metre secured, armoured, fireproof storage bin
Disc copies of all software in storage bin
Secret Society: Rock 'em, Sock 'em Warbots
Rank: 1

PB #5 'Brando'; Totebot model TR-108

Serial No.: A22-108-555-CED
Service Group: Production, Logistics & Commissary
Chassis: Large (Level 4)
Bump/Macho: 4
Carry Capacity: 40 kg
Circuits: 4
Power Source: Fission pile (Str 5)
Photoelectric cells (Str 1)
Power Cord (Str 1)
Feet: Wheels (Agl 3) walk
* Positraction (+1)
* Bad Steering (-1)
* Bad Brakes (-1)
Truck (0/4/30kg)
* Screw lift
Right primary Claw (1/2/10kg) + Dex enhancement
Tactical: Red laser pistol (8 L8 Red)
* Autoloader with extra laser barrel
Stun gun (4 E Stun)
Unarmed (6 I10)
Body Shell (F4/I4/P4/AP1)
Plastishell Armour (All1)
Red Reflec hull treatment (L4 Red)
Input: Radio (Surveillance +0)
Datajack (+0)
Basic audio (+0)
Black & white video (+1)
Barcode reader in arm (+1)
Radar (+2)
* Crossed wires audio and radar input
Output: Radio (Chutzpah +0)
Datajack (+0)
Basic voice synthesiser (+1)
* Siren (+2)
* Annoying flashing lights when moving (-1)
* Annoying 'beep beep' buzzer when moving (-1)
Spotlights (+2)
Input/Output: 50-sector internal data storage unit (R/W)
Read-only floppy disc drive
CPU: 4 circuits with circuit breakers (x2 to repair rolls)
* Remote override
Binary asimov circuits
2 levels software override (Processing 6)
Personality: Brando is one frustrated 'bot.  Despite his menial designed task (moving crates from one warehouse to another and the removal of obsolete stock), he dreams of being one of the Computer's finest Troubleshooters.  He feels he has great potential and is always trying to prove it through foolhardy and unsubtle demonstrations of bravery.  Naturally it is very difficult to retreat down a tight corridor when a berserk Totebot is trying to charge down it into battle.  He feels very hard done by and is always complaining to anyone and everyone about how he could be more.  Due to some unknown fault, his digital voice has a pronounced Brooklyn accent.  "I could'a been somebody! I could'a been a contendah!" (-4)
Memory: 3 sectors ROM
8 sectors RAM
Software: Laser Pistol (8)*; Field Operations (3) [ROM]*; Non-lethal Ranged Weapons (4); Unarmed (6 compressed to 4#); Warehouse Operations (including barcode database and pest control) (8).

Software marked '*' is assigned by the computer, not bought.

Software marked # has a compression drawback: When using this package, Brando develops all the stereotypical qualities of an Old Reckoning prize-fighter including the sparkling conversation and the wonderful attitude.

Utility modules: 0.2 cubic metre secured storage bin
Fire extinguisher
Copies of all software in discs in storage bin
Secret Society: Asimovia
Rank: 1

PB #6 'Wheels'; Scrubbot model SC-201X

Serial No.: 21P-440-8UT-AMI
Service Group: Housing, Protection, Development and Mind Control
Chassis: Small (Level 2)
Bump/Macho: 2
Carry Capacity: 20 kg
Circuits: 3
Power Source: Floor induction pickup (Str +2)
1-hr backup battery (Str +2)
Power cord (Str 1)
Feet: Wheels (Agl +3) walk
* Speed enhancement (+1) - run
* Positraction (+1)
* Bad brakes (-1)
Hands: Right primary human (1/0/20 kg)
Left primary power hose
* 10 litre water/solvent tank
Right secondary power brush
Tactical: Red laser pistol (8 L8 Red)
* Autoloader with 1 reload
Solvent spray-as-weapon (1 F4)
Unarmed (3 I7)
Body shell (F2/I2/P2)
Plasma glass armour (E2/L2)
Red Reflec hull treatment (L4 Red)
Input: Radio (Surveillance +0)
Datajack (+0)
Basic audio (+0) 
Black and white video (+1)
* Binocular and colour vision (+1)
Chemosense (+2)
* Sensitive to strong chemical odors "Yuck! What is that smell?!!" (-1)
Output: Radio (Chutzpah +0)
Datajack (+0)
Basic audio (+1)
* Digital voice (+1)
* Siren (+1)
Input/Output: 50-sector internal data storage unit (R/W)
Read-only tape drive
CPU: 3 circuits
Binary asimovs
4 levels software override (Processing 8)
Personality: Keep it clean! Scrub it fast! This is a dirty, messy Complex and Wheels is just the little Scrubbot to clean up this town!  Imagine if you will a television-sized multiple-brush equipped little robot with the personality and vocal mannerisms of a John Wayne character.  Now The Computer has made our fast little cleaner a Troubleshooter and has a weapon, he can really deal with litterbugs everywhere.  A secondary characteristic is a tendency to go too fast everywhere.  Combine this characteristic with Wheels' personality and all six of every clone family could join in the fun! (-5)
Memory: 6 sectors ROM
10 sectors RAM
Software: Laser Pistol (8)*; Field Operations (3) [ROM]*; Unarmed (3) [ROM]; Habitat Engineering (Hygiene) (8); Evasive Manoeuvring (6); Fast Talk (6)

Software marked '*' is assigned by The Computer, not bought.

Utility Units: 0.1 cubic metre secured, armoured and fireproof storage bin
Rack of assorted brushes for use with human hand
Backup of all software on discs in storage bin
Secret Society: Scrubbots Unite
Rank: 1

And the new NPB villain...

Multiple Attack Dimension Bot (MADBot)

Serial No.: BOT-R&D-211-5DE-228 *EXPERIMENTAL*
Service Group: Internal Security
Chassis Type: Large (Level 4)
Bump/Macho: 4
Carry Capacity: 40 kg
Circuits: 6 (1 redundant)
Power Source: FP-5 Fission pile (Strength +5)
Fission thermoelectric cells (+3)
Feet: Human Legs (Agl +3) walk
* Speed and Agility enhancements (+1) - run
* Positraction (+1)
Jump Rockets (Agl +2) stroll
* Speed and agility enhancements (+1) - walk
* 5 minutes fuel (+1)
* Bad steering (-1)
Left primary tentacle/club (0/1/15kg) + strength enhancements
Right primary human (2/1/15kg) + strength & dexterity enhancements
Left secondary claw (0/2/5kg) with cutting torch attachment
Right secondary human (1/0/5kg) with bolt cutter attachment
Tactical: Dual machineguns on left primary arm (15 8P/100m/S)
* Autoloader with 500 rounds of solid slug/tracer ammo
Laser Cannon II on right shoulder (15 13L/200m Violet)
Cone Rifle on left shoulder (15 10P/200m/A/5m)
* Autoloader with 12 high explosive cones
Vector tracking, laser ranging and gyro-stabilisation enhancements on all ranged weapons.
Tentacles (9 E Stun)
Unarmed (9 I12)
Body Plate (F4/I4/P4/AP1)
Battle Plate (All6/AP2)
Input: Radio (Surveillance +0)
Datajack (+0)
Basic audio (+0)
* Directional hearing (+1)
* Sound analyser (+2)
Black & white video (+1)
* Binocular and colour vision (+1)
* Telephoto and night vision lenses (+1)
Radar (+2)
Output: Radio (Chutzpah +0)
Datajack (+0)
Basic voice synthesiser (+1)
* Digital voice enhancements (+1)
* 100-watt amplifier (+1)
Spotlights (+1)
Input/Output: 100-sector internal data storage unit (R/W)
Read/write floppy disc drive (A:)
Read-only optical disc drive (D:)
Write-only data tape drive (E:) mission recorder (Surveillance +2)
Read-only ROM cards.
CPU: 6 circuits (1 redundant) with circuit breakers (x2 to repair rolls)
Timed resistor asimovs (second-rate)
Heuristic learning circuitry
Second-rate memory chips
Reset button
5 levels software override (Processing 12)
Personality: MADBot has the kind of personality all clones expect in state-of-the-art Combots.  He is snide, arrogant, narcissistic and overconfident.  He is an immensely advanced piece of kit and knows it.  He holds the scuttling clones and primitive artificial intelligences around him in nothing less than contempt.

This is the key to his Communist re-boot.  When the Commie Trojan program tells him that the Complex is corrupt and evil, he believes it.  What the Communists did not anticipate was how the combination of his logical bot brain, second-rate asimovs and second-rate memory chips would allow him to react.

Play MADBot like those really nasty Nazi officers in cheap WW2 films.  You know, aristocratic and snide.  Nonetheless, he is only too aware that there are some tactical situations he cannot handle.  He is very realistic in his analysis of this, but it won't stop him from finding a great exit line: "Until we meet again, my dear Clones!" and leaps into the air, escaping on his powerful jump rockets.  (-5)

Memory: 12 sectors ROM
30 sectors RAM
Software: Machinegun (15); Cone Rife (15); Laser Cannon (15); Melee/Unarmed Combat (9) ROM; Self-Repair (10); Intimidation (10); Demolition (10); Stealth (8); Interrogation (8); Psychscan (8); Data Analysis (8)*; Field Operations (3) [ROM]

* When the Data Analysis program first runs, the Communist Trojan program is loaded onto MADBot's RAM and proceeds to write itself onto his BIOS chips.  The program gives this killing machine a slightly politically slanted but far clearer view of history, the state of the Complex and the role of The Computer in human happiness.  Boy, those Commies are in for a nasty surprise.

Utility Units: Two 0.5 cubic metre secured, armoured and fireproof storage bins.
Fire extinguisher
Grappling hook on a co-axial mount with the Laser Cannon.  50-metre plasticord with power winch.
2 x 'Hold-Me Clone' grapples on back.  Each can carry a single clone immobile and tight against MADBot's hull for transport to the nearest IntSec base.
Climbing claws on primary hands and feet.  Allows MADBot to scale any vertical surface up to the toughness of synthecrystal.
Secret Society: None.  Develops pseudo-Corpore Metal II views after the Trojan program runs (if the game is played in a pre-MegaWhoops! campaign, you could see MADBot as the founder member of this breakaway group).

Some NPCs


NPC Mission Leader
Service Group: Internal Security
Strength: 15
Carry Capacity: 40kg
Damage Bonus: 1
Endurance: 12
Macho Bonus: 0
Agility: 14
Skill Base: 4
Chutzpah: 18
Skill Base: 5
Dexterity: 13
Skill Base: 3
Mech. Apt.: 10
Skill Base: 2
Moxie: 14
Skill Base: 4
Power: 8
Important Skills: Laser Weapons (12); Energy Weapons (10); Projectile Weapons (10); Unarmed Combat (11); Truncheon (10); Oratory (8); Spurious Logic (8); Interrogation (9); Psychscan (9); Intimidation (10); Security (10); Guardbot Operations & Maintenance (10)
Weapons: Laser Pistol (12/L/8/50m) with three Green laser barrels
Blaster Carbine (10/E/9/50m) with one spare energy cartridge
Stunner (10/E/Stun/20m)
Night-stick (10/I/8)
Armour: Kevlar over Green Reflec (I2/L4 Blue/P3)
Mutant Powers: Telepathy (registered); Hypersenses (unregistered)
Secret Society: FCCCP (6)


NPC Deputy Mission Leader
Service Group: Research & Design
Strength: 13
Carry Capacity: 30kg
Damage Bonus: 0
Endurance: 18
Macho Bonus: 1
Agility: 12
Skill Base: 3
Chutzpah: 15
Skill Base: 4
Dexterity: 8
Skill Base: 2
Mech. Apt.: 18
Skill Base: 5
Moxie: 15
Skill Base: 4
Power: 20
Important Skills: Laser Weapons (10); Projectile Weapons (10); Unarmed (9); Con (8); Fast Talk (8); Guardbot Operation & Maintenance (10); Electronic Engineering (11); Mechanical Engineering (11); Stealth (6); Communist Propaganda (3)
Weapons: Laser Pistol (10/L/8/50m) with three Orange laser barrels
Scattergun III (10/P/8/20m/A/5m at max range) with 18 buckshot shells
Survival Knife (3/I/7)
Armour: Polymer Plate over Orange Reflec (I2/L4 Orange/P1)
Mutant Powers: Telekinesis
Secret Society: Communists (2)

Other NPCs

Name Service Group Secret Society Weapons/Armour Description
Frank-I-STN-6 R&D Frankenstein Destroyers (15) Indigo Laser Pistol (10/L8)
Plastex window (All 16)
The R&D boffin behind the MADBot project.  This is his baby and he is only too glad to see that the Troublebots are going to be humiliated
John-I-RTN-4 IntSec Humanists (12) Needle gun (15/AP8)
Combat Suit (All 4)
The Internal Security heavyweight who is assigned to investigate the MADBot fiasco in the wake of Ronda-G's death
Joan-I-MTL-5 R&D Pro Tech (10) Energy Pistol (12/E8) Lab
Suit mark 6 (All 6)
The top R&D auditor assigned to look into the MADBot fiasco.  Not a scientist but an administrator.  Lots of probing questions and snide attempts to deflect blame from R&D
Mark-Y-DYE-3 PLC FCCCP (4) None
Yellow Reflec (L4 Yellow)
The PLC staffer who deals with outfitting our brave bots.  He is an easily intimidated loyalist.  He knows that the team is being offered junk but is too in awe of his superiors to do anything about it.  He tends to burst into tears when challenged.
Bob-B-ING-3 R&D Eugenicists (6) Stunner (10/E Stun)
Lab suit mk.4 (All 4)
The R&D specialist who outfits our heroes.  Only too glad to answer questions.  So glad that he never stops talking.  Ever.  Usually about trivia.

A parting Author's Note

I do not pretend to be an all-knowing and perfect sage of all things Paranoia.  If I've messed up some rules here or there, or perhaps got a statistic wrong, feel free to correct me.  On the other hand, never forget that in Paranoia there are no rules, save those that the Game Master makes up on the day.

May The Computer process with you always, loyal Citizens.

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All other text and graphics by Steve Criddle