Assigned Equipment Loss/Damage Report Form

(Steve Criddle/Rodrigo Augusto)


    Use this form just before a debriefing, or during the debriefing.  This form is mainly meant for equipment assigned by R&D, but there is no reason why you can't use it for equipment which was assigned by PLC too.

    Note:  "assigned equipment" is equipment which the team are supposed to return at the end of the mission.  Troubleshooters are sometimes allowed to keep some of the equipment they collect at PLC (for example, laser barrels).

Using the form

    Players who blame The Computer or the briefing officer for the loss/damage of the equipment are just asking for trouble.

    Players who know the names of any secret societies are also likely to find themselves in trouble.  Players may also be on slightly dangerous ground knowing what is treasonous (unless it is really obvious stuff like disobeying The Computer).

    If your players are the sort who lose/damage lots of assigned equipment during a mission, you may need a large stack of these forms (especially if you plan to use this form for assigned PLC equipment).

    If the players ask what the difference is between Damaged - Unusable and Damaged - No longer functioning, tell them that the former means that it still does something (even if the "something" is to electrocute the user), while the latter means it doesn't do anything at all (ie. it's totally dead).


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