Briefing Feedback Form

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    This form was inspired by some computer courses I attended.  At the end of each course we had to fill in an appraisal form giving our opinion of how good the course was, how well the content was presented, how clueless the tutor was, etc...

    Not surprisingly, this struck me as a brilliant form to bring into the world of Paranoia.

    The idea behind this form is simple (but flawed).  Following numerous complaints about inadequate briefings, The Computer has decided to investigate the problem further.  This form should be filled out by the Troubleshooters at the end of their briefing (not debriefing) and handed in to their briefing officer.

    Naturally, completing the forms at the end of the briefing does present a few problems...

    • Clones can't judge the accuracy of the information given to them until they actually arrive at the mission destination.

    • Clones criticising the Briefing Officer are likely to get picked on at the debriefing (assuming they make it that far).

    • There's no guarantee that the forms the Briefing Officer sends to The Computer will bear any resemblance to the ones the clones filled in.

    • Clones who say their mission objectives were explained well, and then totally screw up the mission, are going to have a hard time at the debriefing.

Using the form

    As you can imagine, the Briefing Officers aren't too happy about these forms.  Some may try to influence the feedback they get from Troubleshooters by being especially nice.  Some may appear to be helpful and answer questions, but will actually give totally inaccurate information.  (Either deliberately, or simply because they don't know).  Others may simply give the same briefing as normal and then fill in feedback forms with the information they want The Computer to see.

    If you want to mess with the Troubleshooters' minds, make the briefing room really comfortable.  Give them snacks and drinks to consume during the briefing.  Have soft music playing in the background.   Make the Briefing Officer pleasant and helpful.  Obviously this is just the Briefing Officer's way of trying to get good feedback, but it should alert the players to the fact that something is wrong somewhere.

    At the end of the briefing, hand out the Briefing Feedback Forms.  ("Oh, I almost forgot...")

    By the way, there is no correct way to answer the final question on this form.


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