Potenially Treasonous Confectionery

(Steve Criddle)

If you are the sort of Games Master who likes to run Paranoia missions where players can really get into character (only dressing in colours they're cleared for, etc), here's a fun idea for you.

Buy some small sweets which come in various colours (Smarties, M&M's, Opal Fruits, etc).  Before your players arrive, find all the sweets the clones are cleared to eat (eg. if the clones are Orange clearance, take out all the black, red and orange sweets).  Divide these sweets up roughly into equal amounts and put them into small, clear plastic bags.  Then put some higher clearance sweets into a couple of the bags (or each bag, if you prefer).

Dispose of the remaining sweets how ever you want (ie. eat them yourself - during the mission, if you like).

Hand the bags to the players either at the start of the mission, or when they pick up their supplies at PLC.  (If you are giving the bags out at PLC, don't give out a bag each.  Just put all the bags in the middle of the table and let the players fight over them).

At the end of the mission (or game session, if your players don't complete the mission in one session), assign treason points to anybody who ate the sweets their clones weren't cleared for.  (That's the reason for the clear plastic bags - so you can see if those sweets are still there).

Alternative use:

If you're using sweets which look like pills (eg. Smarties or M&M's), and can get hold of some appropriate bottles, tell the players they are Happiness Tablets.  As before, assign treason points to anybody who took tablets above their security clearance.

GM Note:

When I used this idea in a mission, I discovered that two out of the five players were colour blind!

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