Fun with Forms

(Steve Criddle)


    So you've downloaded some of the forms and are planning to use them in a mission.  Well the fun need not stop there.  Here are some other nasty surprises you can spring on your players.
    • Print the form on paper of a higher clearance.  For example, give a red Troubleshooter a form on blue paper.

    • Print the form on black paper.  (Alternatively, if your favourite graphics program allows you to change the colour of the type, print the same colour as the paper).

    • Load the form into your favourite graphics program and flip it horizontally before printing.  (In other words, create a mirror image of the form).

    • Load the form into your favourite graphics program and create a negative version.  (Swap black and white over).  That will be tricky for them to write on.

    • If none of your players can read German, use the German version of the Pre-Emptive Excuse/Alibi Declaration Form.  Don't worry if they make some comment about it being in a funny language.  But if they make any guesses as to which language it is, that's got to be worth a couple of Treason Points.

    • Give the Troubleshooter the wrong form.  If he complains, ask if he is suggesting that The Computer has made a mistake.

    The important thing to remember is that you don't overdo it.  These surprises are funnier if they only happen to one player rather than the whole team.

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