Incidental Combat Damage Declaration Form

(Steve Criddle)


    This form allows citizens to declare any damage they may have inadvertently caused to Computer property during combat.  This form differs from the AEL/DRF because this form is for declaring damage to items of Computer property which the Troubleshooters did not take with them.

    If you have a trigger-happy team, you may need a large pile of these forms.

Using the form

    Hand out blank ICDDFs before the debriefing.  Note that citizens only need to complete this form if they actually caused damage to the item in question.  If they were involved in the firefight but didn't cause any damage, there is no need for them to complete one of these forms (unless they really want to).

    As the debriefing goes on, if anybody mentions incidental combat damage for which you don't have a form, hand a blank form to the appropriate citizens and assign them a treason point for not declaring the damage.  You can even turn this into a running joke, telling them to "fill out a form" for even the smallest piece of damage to an item.

    The line in the form about "who do you think caused the most damage" is designed to cause an argument.  Sometimes everybody may be agreed on this point (especially if they are trying to blame somebody who isn't part of the team), but with luck there should be a few occasions where they try to blame each other.

    The Troubleshooters will probably notice how many times the phrase Computer property crops up on this form.  That's there just in case they happen to forget who owns the stuff they damaged.

    It is left to the GM to decide how many treason points are assigned for the damage caused.  If the traitor was terminated successfully, the citizen may receive few (or no) treason points.  There will, of course, still be the small matter of proving the guilt of the alleged traitor.


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