Mission Report Form

(Steve Criddle/Rodrigo Augusto)

Using the form

    Hand this form out at the beginning of the debriefing session.  Once the forms are filled out and handed in, they can be very useful in the debriefing itself.

    Add one treason point to each character who is nominated as least helpful.

    Deduct two treason points from each character who is nominated as most helpful.  (Unless the player nominated themself - in which case you should add two treason points).

    This form is designed to start a fight.  If your players tend to keep very quiet during mission debriefings, use this form to liven things up a bit.  Players may keep quiet when they are in a group, but if they get to fill in a form first they are more likely to rat on their team-mates.  (This is particularly true if they believe that they are filling in this form instead of having a debriefing).


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