(Steve Criddle)

If you can get your hands on a dictation cassette recorder (one of the small handheld units), put this amongst the items the Troubleshooters collect at PLC.  The player who takes it can use it however they see fit.  Some suggestions are:

  • Record what team-mates say they want to do.

  • Record the GM's commentary (this is equivalent to having a video camera).

  • Secretly record conversations between team-mates.
Anything goes with this item.  The beauty of this item is that the player doesn't have to tell the GM he wants to use it, he just does it as secretly or openly as he likes.  The clone can then play bits of recording at the debriefing - which is bound to cause some fun.

If the clone loses the item during the mission, or gets vaporised while carrying it, take it away from them.  If the clone doesn't have the Multicorder then the player can't have it either.

When using this prop, use common sense.  If the clone couldn't possibly have seen the incident they recorded, either disallow the evidence (as GM), or make the clone explain how he got the evidence (as Debriefing Officer).  If you're still not satisfied, give him some treason points for having information above his security clearance.

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