Pre-emptive Excuse/Alibi Declaration Form

(Steve Criddle/Peter Vogel/Rodrigo Augusto)


    This form is one of CPU's most screwball ideas yet.  The principle is very simple.  Many clones accused of treason have complained that they are being set up, and the person setting them up has had a long time to come up with all the details.  The accused clone immediately looks bad for not reporting the thing they get accused of.

    The PE/ADF is an attempt to redress the balance.  This form is supposed to give the accused person the "first shot".  They get the opportunity to give their side of the story first.  (Of course, there's no guarantee that the incident they declare actually will be reported by anybody else).

Using the form

    This form is best used at the end of the mission, just prior to the debriefing.  When the team arrive at the debriefing, get each of them to fill in one (or more) of these forms.  Collect the forms and then proceed with the debriefing as normal.

    If any of the reported incidents are mentioned, the appropriate form will provide material with which to question the accuser and accused.  For some real fun, let the clone who filled in the form have the upper hand - because they had correctly guessed that they would be accused.  (Confirming their claim that they are being set up).  If nobody mentions the alleged incident, assign a couple of treason points to the clone who filled in the form (since they were obviously trying to get their team-mate into trouble).

    The forms can also be used as a source of treason points, such as if the hapless clone stupidly blames The Computer for any problems.  There are also some logical errors which may catch some citizens out.  (For example, how can you pre-emptively report something which somebody else is about to make up - unless you have a mutation such as telepathy or precognition).

    This form works well when combined with the Mission Report Form, since that form provides an ideal opportunity for clones to criticise their team-mates.

    Perhaps the most surprising thing about this form (well, it surprised me during playtesting) is that citizens fill in these forms even if they don't think they are going to be blamed for anything!

    There are also some players who just tick every box, because they know they're doomed as soon as the debriefing starts...


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