R&D Experimental Equipment Disclaimer Form

(Steve Criddle)


    This form was largely inspired by the Receipt of Delivered Item Verification Form contributed by Geoff Gander.  I had been wanting to create a form for Troubleshooters to fill in when they collected equipment from R&D, but I couldn't think of enough things to put on it.  Geoff's form showed me the answer - small print!

    The most worrying thing about this form is that the majority of it comes from real warrantee agreements and software licences.  Obviously it's been hacked around to make it fit in the world of Paranoia, but I'm sure you'll recognise some of the clauses.

Using the form

    Use this form when the Troubleshooters collect equipment from R&D.  One form should be issued for each item being assigned.  There isn't much for the players to fill in - the form is largely there so that R&D have their backs covered.  If the players decide to read the small print they may get a few smiles from it.

    From a GM's point of view, this form pretty much gets R&D off the hook in just about every circumstance.  The form only lists things that R&D are not responsible for (apart from one exception, which R&D had to put in for fear of appearing disloyal).  Just because something is not listed, it does not mean R&D will accept responsibility for it.  All blame will land squarely at the Troubleshooters' feet.

    It is left up to the GM to decide whether to hose the players with these forms.  The forms can simply be used to get the players into the spirit of Paranoia.  Most players know they're going to be held extremely responsible for everything already.  This form helps back that assumption up.

    Troubleshooters who refuse to sign the form don't get the equipment.  They just get a whole heap of Treason Points instead.

    The form also supplies you with a nasty way of hosing your players - the clause R&D will not reimburse the user for the cost of service work where no fault is found.  The scenario goes something like this:

    • Citizen takes faulty item to R&D for repair.

    • R&D technicians examine the equipment and either fix it or swap it for an identical (but working) one.

    • Technicians hand the item back to the user saying they can find nothing wrong with it.

    • Citizen tries the equipment again - it now works perfectly.

    • R&D charge citizen for the cost of the work.

    • Citizen complains that item is now working.

    • R&D point out that that's why they couldn't find anything wrong with it. (Or, alternatively, they tell the citizen he had missed some minor detail - such as "well this switch has to be in the up position if you want it to work").

    Obviously R&D aren't likely to pull this stunt on Troubleshooters who work for R&D, but all the other Troubleshooters are considered fair game.  Arguing with the R&D boffins is pretty pointless, since they're the ones who know all about the equipment.  Citizens who show too much technical knowledge are asking for trouble (unless it's technical knowledge which they are likely to really have).


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