Troubleshooter Mission Equipment Requisition Form (PLC)

(Steve Criddle)


    This is a slightly unusual form because the Troubleshooters don't fill in many of the details.  It is used primarily to assign items for collection at PLC.  It is also for the Troubleshooters to sign for those items.  From a GM's point of view, it's best to fill this form in before the game session.

Using the form

    This form (with the appropriate details already filled in) is given to the Troubleshooters at their briefing.  They should take it with them to PLC and hand it in.  They will then be given their assigned equipment.  (At least, that's the theory).

    The left-hand column contains details of the equipment the Troubleshooters think they are going to be issued with.  If they are feeling particularly cunning, they may even add some entries of their own on the way to PLC.  Alternatively, they might be able to persuade the Briefing Officer to add some equipment to the list.

    The Mission Sponsor is the name of the clone who commissioned the mission.  Quite often this information would be above the security clearance of the Troubleshooters, so either leave it blank (which makes life interesting if the clones are trying to requisition items above the security clearance of themselves and their Briefing Officer) or assign a treason point to anyone who looks at the form (for possessing information above their security clearance).

    As the items are obtained from PLC, the clones have to put their name beside the appropriate entry on the form to say they have received it (or them).  This is so PLC can make sure they get back any assigned equipment, or can fine the individual who lost it.  (Once a clone has signed for an item, his clone family is responsible for making sure the item gets returned at the end of the mission).

    This form provides several ways to hose your players:

    • Make one clone sign for multiple amounts of the same item, even though they will be shared among the team (eg. 6 x gas masks).  That clone is then responsible for any losses of that item within the team.

    • Assign enough of an important item so that the Troubleshooters get one each (eg. gas masks, laser pistols, reflec armour, etc).  Then let them discover that PLC are one short of this item.  (eg. six Troubleshooters, but PLC only have five sets of reflec).

    • Get PLC to accidentally give out an incorrect item which is better than the one on the list (eg. the list says 1 x laser rifle + ammo and they give out 1 x cone rifle + ammo).  If the clone queries it then PLC replace it with the correct item.  If the clone takes the item, hose him when he tries to return it at the end of the mission.  (There are two ways to do this - either get him for losing the item he signed for, or get him for having an item he is not cleared for - or both).

    • Get the players' hopes up by putting potentially useful equipment on the list, then let them discover PLC don't have those items in stock.  For extra fun, get PLC to assign them unsuitable alternatives.  (eg. the list says 6 x aqualungs and the best PLC can do is 6 x gas masks).  Twisted logic can add to the fun.

    • Put an item on the list which is vital to the mission, and then have PLC tell them they don't have it in stock and they have no suitable alternative.  (Alternatively, have PLC send the team to another PLC supply depot on the other side of the dome to get the item, then reprimand them for not completing their mission on time).

    • Reprimand clones for not returning items which they wouldn't expect to have to return (rations, laser barrels, used grenades, etc).  If you are feeling particularly generous, let them keep some items they would expect to have to give back (cone rifle, etc).  If you feel evil later, you can still get them for having an item they aren't cleared for.

    • Issue broken equipment and then reprimand the clones when they return it in a broken state.  If they argue that it was broken when it was issued, ask them why they signed for it.  (This can cause fun in the following mission, when the clones insist on testing their weaponry before signing for it - interesting when PLC is packed with innocent bystanders).

    • Just think what would happen if the Troubleshooters lost this form on the way to PLC...

    PLC staff can be as helpful or as unhelpful as you like.  They can always fall back on the "we can order one for you, but it will take a couple of daycycles to get here" line if asked for an item they have run out of.

    If you want to make your players fill in lots of forms during the debriefing (perhaps to disuade them from losing so many assigned items next time), get them to fill in an AEL/DRF for each item they lost/damaged.


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