Termination Request Form

(Submitted by Geoff Gander, DTP'd by Steve Criddle)

Using the form

    Players wishing to be terminated may fill this out, or you can give it to them by mistake:

    Player: Hey, wait! This isn't the Equipment Request Form I ordered!

    PLC staffer:  Sorry, Citizen, but my records seem to indicate that this is indeed the form you requested.

    Player:  That's a lie!!

    PLCer:  Are you saying the Computer lies, Citizen?

    Player: No! No! I'll just....errr....fill it out, yeah.....*sigh* *scribble scribble*

    It's to be used mainly to frighten players with bureaucratic mixups, but then again their filled out forms could be lost.  It's a good way of instilling anxiety over Alpha Complex's faceless bureaucracy.

    Later on the players might be feeling good about themselves, and all of a sudden this form comes back to haunt them.  They could suddenly be summoned by the Computer for termination.  But then again, they might be saved at the last minute.  In any case, this form could be a proverbial Sword of Damocles against your players.

    Sneaky players may write somebody else's name on the form.


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