Traitor Termination Report Form

(Steve Criddle)


    As most citizens in Alpha Complex know, terminating traitors is a good thing to do.

    As some citizens in Alpha Complex know, terminating traitors reduces your treason points.

    So all good citizens will want to report all traitors they have terminated.  Players who haven't read the GM's rules will want to do it to demonstrate they are citizens of good moral standing.  Players who have read the GM's rules will want to do it for purely selfish reasons.

    Either way, you will probably want a large stack of these forms...

Using the form

    This form should be handed out before the debriefing.  When the Troubleshooters arrive at the debriefing room, ask them how many traitors each of them terminated.  Give them the appropriate amount of forms.  Collect the completed forms and then start the debriefing.

    As with most debriefing forms, this one is designed to start a fight (which may, afterwards, require another TTRF to be completed).  Most disputes will revolve around either who terminated the traitor (if multiple team members were firing at him) or whether treason was being committed (if the "traitor" was the previous clone of a team member).

    Some other ways to hose players with this form are:

    • Assign treason points if the citizen has little or no actual evidence.

    • If the traitor was terminated in an area which the citizen isn't cleared for, he may find himself in hot water if he's already filled out this form.

    • If two citizens of different clearances claim to have terminated the traitor, the one with the lower clearance may have a problem.

    • Similarly, somebody outside the group may try to claim the credit for a termination.  This could be awkward if it is somebody of a high clearance (especially if they are lying).

    • If you use this form in conjunction with the Incidental Combat Damage Declaration Form, you can deduct treason points for the termination and then add them straight back on for the incidental damage.  (Alternatively, you can fine them for the damage).

    • If a citizen is too eager with the weaponry (eg. using a tacnuke to terminate one traitor), The Computer may decide to assign a few treason points on the grounds of overkill.

    • Likewise, if the citizen used lots of ammo because they are a terrible shot, The Computer may assign treason points because it believes they are guilty of overkill.


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