R&D Protection

Anti-Stench Noseplugs (Peter Vogel)

One Package of an odd number of Anti-Stench-Nose-plugs (semi-automatic)

They bloat, when inserted into the nose.

Possible Malfunction: Some of them could pop-up to ping-pong-ball size.  (Remember Total Recall?)

GM: Don't forget to place an evil smell in your scenario.

Breakaway Armour (Steve Criddle)

    Armour Value: All6 when appropriate panel is in place.

    This armour works by redirecting incoming energy. What this means is that bits of armour break off when they get hit. Roll a D20 to determine which panel was hit. The first time a particular number is rolled, the armour works for that region. The second time around, the armour doesn't work.

    Players may decide they want to walk down corridors sideways if they lose armour on one side, or start turning their back when bullets start flying. Use common sense when deciding whether a shot could hit the panel in question. Reroll as needed:

    Armour panel



    Right Arm
    Left Arm
    Right Leg
    Left Leg
    This armour can also protect from a hit by a field effect weapon if all panels are in place.  However, the hit will wipe out all panels and render the armour useless.

Chameleon Bodysuit (Ben Matasar)

    Too bad it's always about 10 minutes behind

    Staging hint: (Steve Criddle)

    When the troubleshooters try this out in R&D, it works perfectly.  That's because the bodysuit takes about 10 minutes to sample its surroundings.  It's been sitting in the R&D lab for a while, and it's done all the sampling it needs.

Mirror Armour (Steve Criddle)

    Armour Value: L20 against lasers of equal or lower clearance.

    An interesting device in that it's actually useful. This armour will probably make the wearer very unpopular with his teammates very quickly. Other clones will want to own this armour (if they can get the current occupant out of it).

    Since The Computer wouldn't allow clones below Ultraviolet clearance to have real mirrors as armour, the boffins at R&D have come up with Mirror Armour for different security clearances. The volunteer will get Mirror Armour corresponding to his current security clearance.

    The armour works a bit like standard reflec armour. Laser beams of a higher clearance go straight through the armour. Laser beams of the same clearance or lower get reflected off and hit a random target. This can be Computer property, or a High Programmer, or a randomly decided teammate. If you can't be bothered to decide the target like this, just have it reflect off and hit whoever is standing closest at the time, or who deserves it most.

    Although mirror armour is effective against lasers, other types of weapons will damage it.  Fire will melt the armour, impact weapons will shatter it, etc.  If the wearer hasn't brought any regular armour with them, they may be in trouble if the mirror armour gets broken.

    Interesting results can be obtained by giving Mirror Armour to more than one clone in the team.

Reactive Armour Suit (Ben Matasar)

    This is a standard, bulky, powered armour suit with no special abilities. However the entire suit is covered with reactive armour. The reactive armour will detonate by either a laser or slug weapon. However, and this is really great, you have a choice as to how this should malfunction. Either R&D installed the reactive tiles correctly and they explode outward whenever shot, killing other Troubleshooters with flying shrapnel. Or R&D installed the tiles backwards and whenever the suit is hit the explosion is angled in towards the wearer. This *sometimes* leads to chain reactions causing tiles on the opposite side of the suit to explode.

Super Armour (Greg Bougg)

    A new and improved troubleshooter armor.
    for each hit roll: 
      gives no protection
      gives protection 20 vs the attack
    If tested when not worn, will allways protect fully.

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