R&D Transportation

Antigrav unit (Steve Criddle)

    The Antigrav unit is attached to a harness which the user wears.  The control unit/antigrav generator is strapped to the user's chest, so it's always close at hand.  There are two controls - an on/off switch and a dial for setting altitude.  The unit performs its function well, but has a few (inevitable) drawbacks:
    • Although the user can control his altitude, there is no way to control horizontal movement.  The user is also at the mercy of any gust of wind or airflow from the ventilation system.

    • The user should ensure he has set the altitude to minimum before he turns it on.  Failing to do this will cause him to be propelled to the selected height very rapidly.

    • Other citizens with a knowledge of mutations might shoot at the user in the mistaken belief that he has an unregistered levitation mutation.  (In a subsequent mission, R&D may decide to issue a fake "registered mutant" armband to the user.  This may protect him from being shot for being an unregistered mutant, but will undoubtedly attract the attention of members of Anti Mutant).

    • Setting the altitude to a high level whilst indoors will pin the user to the ceiling.  (Smart users may try setting the level a bit lower and then attempt to walk along the ceiling whilst inverted).

    • Since the control unit is on the user's front, it is a little exposed during combat.  If the unit is hit, it won't necessarily shut down.  It may spring into life instead, propelling the user upwards rapidly.

    • There is no indicator to show how much power is left in the unit.  Maybe it has an everlasting power supply.  Maybe the power supply gradually fades out.  Or maybe it suddenly cuts out at a critical moment...

    • Optionally, the antigrav unit's altitude can be relative to the floor beneath the clone.  This can be fun if the player is expecting to be able to use the unit to cross a big hole in the ground.  As soon as he is over the hole, he'll plummet downwards and stop just before reaching the bottom.  OK, so he won't splat, but you can bet it'll hurt.

Clone Replacement capsules, gun and homer (Greg Bougg)

    The Clone replacement gun is gigantic cannon firing capsules that can countain a replacement clone. The homer is issued to expeditions to the outdoors. The idea is that lost clones can be easily replaced without having to get separate transportation. This method of delivery is actually quite safe to the transported clone roll:
      no problem
      take damage level d20
    Unfortunately the guidance system used in the capsule is the same that is used by the armed forces guided projectiles and has a skill of 10 to hit the clone holding the homing device doing enough damage to detroy him, and all his equipment except the homing device. If the capsule fails to lock on the homing device it will scan for other possible targets and has again a skill of 10 to hit any vehicle in the target area (roll for each until a hit or no more vehicles) again doing enough damage to kill most vehicles.

    If the capsule hits the clone holding the homing device he will of course have to be replaced too...

Emergency Escape Device (Steve Criddle)

    A metal box with Emergency Escape Device written down the side in important-looking lettering.  The box has a single red button (with a cover, so it can't be activated accidentally).  Tell the user that this device can only be activated once, so he should only use it if really necessary.

    Pressing the button will open the box to reveal a pair of running shoes.

Grappling Magnet (Steve Criddle)

    Alpha Complex's answer to a grappling hook.  Instead of a hook there is a high-powered magnet.  Fastened to the end of this is a long length of NeverSnap plasticord (plasticord with fine wire woven into it, giving extra strength).  The Grappling Magnet comes with a launcher which fires it towards the intended grappling location.  (So theoretically it could be used as a weapon).

    Naturally, there are a few problems with the Grappling Magnet:

    • The Grappling Magnet is released by pressing the button marked RELEASE on the rear of the magnet.  This could be somewhat tricky if you've just fired it into a ceiling 10 metres above you.

    • The Grappling Magnet is virtually useless outdoors - due to the lack of metal.

    • While the magnet is high-powered and won't budge unless you press that RELEASE button, how secure is the piece of metal it's attached to?

    • If the clone fires the magnet at something, and there happens to be something larger and more metallic near it, the magnet may decide to head towards that instead.  That would be most unfortunate if the metal object in question was an unshielded electrical power source (especially since that plasticord contains fine wire - zzzZZZAAAPPP!!!).

    • Sometimes the plasticord gets tangled up when the magnet is fired.  (Say, on a roll of 20).  That can be fun if the magnet is fired into the ceiling - taking all the plasticord with it.  A clone might accidentally get caught up in the plasticord just as the magnet is fired.  That would be even more unfortunate.


    • If R&D runs out of NeverSnap plasticord, they might use StretchyString instead.  If clones discover this makes a useful bungee cord, it will promptly snap.

Jump Jet Pack (Steve Criddle)

A jet pack which the user wears on his back.  It has four 30-second charges which are manually selected by the user.  Changeover takes several seconds, so the user can't get a single two minute flight by changing charges whilst in flight.

Landing takes a dexterity roll.  Failing means the user misses his target.  A badly failed roll means the user lands badly and falls over.

This unit works very well, except for a few minor problems:

  • Takeoff is rather rapid, so it's not a good idea to use the Jump Jet Pack in rooms with a ceiling height of less than 10 metres.  Users who fail to take this into account will get a couple of points of impact damage and a headache.

  • It's not a good idea to stand too close when this unit is used, because you will get rather warm rather rapidly.  The user is OK because the jet blast is aimed downwards (and he's getting out of the way quickly), but anybody within a 5 metre radius will suffer heat damage.  Damage is F10 if within 1 metre, F8 within 2 metres, F6 within 3 metres, etc.

  • It's noisy.  There's no way this device can be used to sneak up on the enemy.

  • You need both hands to control the jet pack whilst in flight.  No shooting at the enemy from above.  This, combined with the previous drawback will cause the user to be a sitting duckbot if they try to use this device in a combat zone.
If the Jump Jet Pack gets hit, it explodes and causes damage in a 5 metre radius (as above), but the damage is doubled and the user is not exempt.

If a citizen has this device he can't use a backpack.

Motorbike (Greg Bougg)

    Salvaged from outdoors and in quite bad shape. Although it looks as good as new.
    The driving Roll table went something like this: (To be used whenever the troubleshooter tries to maneuver with it or start it) 
      Normal result (depending on skill)
      The suspension bottoms out. Roll again to recover.
      The engine stops. Roll to start.
      The controls loosen. Add +1 to future rolls.
      A sparkplug comes loose and gives the rider a damage 5 result.
      The Seat and the Troubleshooter are torn off.
      The rear wheel flies off.  Crash
      The front wheel flies off.  Crash
      The fuel tank explodes and sprays burning fuel around. Damage 10 to everyone in 5 meter radius. Damage 9 next round. Damage 8 thereafter etc.
    Crash result depends on speed. If the crash speed is too low to damage the Troubleshooter, have the bike fall on his leg or something. 

Wheelie Boots (Steve Criddle)

    Motorised rollerskates basically. The control is a handheld unit which the passenger squeezes to activate the boots (radio control link). The harder they squeeze, the faster they go. Make agility rolls when the clone wants to change direction in a hurry, or stay standing up, or stop, or anything really. No need to make the agility rolls difficult - he'll fall over sooner or later.

    Note that the Wheelie Boots have no brakes. This can make slopes very interesting if the team are trying to sneak up on somebody. And travelling on the transtube is equally interesting if no seats are available.

    Things can also get rather interesting if the user tries to use a weapon with a lot of recoil.

    Interesting results can also be caused if another clone gets hold of the control device. The range is pretty limited, but the unit tends to have a habit of continuing at the same speed once contact is lost.

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